Americans and Europeans Are Trekking to India for Surgery, According to Bloomberg Markets Magazine

‘Medical Tourism’ is a Growing Business in India, Bloomberg Markets Says

NEW YORK, Jan. 27 /PRNewswire/ — Unwilling to accept long waits in Europe or high costs in the U.S., patients are traveling to India to have surgery, report Abhay Singh and Mrinalini Datta in the March edition of Bloomberg Markets. With “Medical Tourism” on the rise, more people from the U.S., Europe and the Middle East are seeking out Indian hospitals as a cheap and safe alternative, says the Bloomberg Markets story.

According to Bloomberg Markets, Indian doctors are setting up what could be a medical renaissance in their country and the next great boom for the Indian economy. Many Indian hospitals are joining together to improve quality of care and boost first impressions. Indian hospitals are aiming for $2.3 billion in annual revenue by 2012.

Instead of paying $200,000 for mitral valve surgery in the U.S. you could travel to India and receive the same treatment for $6,700, Bloomberg Markets reports. Instead of paying 15,000 pounds Sterling for hip resurfacing in the U.K., the same procedure would cost 5,000 pounds in India, including surgery, airfare and hotel stay, according to the magazine. Would you do it? Has a cheaper workforce enabled India to compete in a field many thought could never flourish in that country? These are the questions many people throughout the world have been asking themselves, and increasingly the answer is ‘yes’, says Bloomberg Markets.

In the March issue, Bloomberg Markets takes a close look at this trend in health care, the people who have chosen to forgo surgery in their own countries and the potential impact worldwide.

The March edition of Bloomberg Markets will be available for sale in mid-February. Bloomberg Markets articles are also available to Bloomberg terminal subscribers.

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