Expeditions Seeking Adventurers

SEATTLE, Nov. 22 /PRNewswire/ — Have you ever wanted to join an expedition to the Antarctic, follow the submersible ALVIN to the ocean floor, or listen to climbers deciding to make a summit attempt on Everest? A new internet portal, ExpeditionQuest.com, offers members the opportunity to participate on expeditions and share in the excitement of discovery and adventure.

Located fifteen miles north of Seattle in historic Snohomish, Washington, the ExpeditionQuest Network includes a daily news service, free web hosting for expeditions, a directory of over 10,000 projects, and a placement service for students, adventurers and scientists.

ExpeditionQuest’s “Outbound Placement Service” enables EQ members to make their resumes available to expeditions, employers, and journalists for interviews. Expedition leaders can search for additional team members using a combination of educational, technical, and outdoor qualifications. (For example, a physician who has climbed over 6,000 meters and is fluent in German.) The service is also used by organizations seeking employees such as guides, instructors, field researchers, experts for interviews, and volunteers.

Membership and registration is free for both expedition leaders and arm-chair adventurers.

A worldwide directory and search engine for expeditions, EQ’s Expedition Channel boasts the most exhaustive source in the world and includes over 10,000 projects supported by organizations such as the National Science Foundation, Royal Geographical Society, National Geographic Society, Explorer’s Club, Archaeological Institute of America, Earthwatch, Smithsonian, the American Alpine Club and others.

EQ’s ClassQuest includes a directory of classrooms, interactive expeditions, lesson plans for teachers, and a lecture series. Educators list the courses and time of year they expect to be studying certain subjects or explorers. EQ expeditions can then search the database for classes with whom to communicate and share timely information and updates while in the field.

Scientists and adventurers can also build a website for their expedition which is hosted by ExpeditionQuest at no cost. Each site includes a complete description of the project along with dates, funding requirements, contact information, a link to their own website if they have one, a news section where they can send updates, a media gallery for photographs, audio clips and video, a voting system which enables them to poll students and others about their expedition, a discussion board, a mailing list to which EQ members can subscribe, and a complete administration section where each expedition can manage this information.

In addition, expeditions can use “VENUS,” EQ’s Voice Energized News Update System, to send news updates to their website by cell or satphone from anywhere on earth.

A climber, sailor and former guide, Jake Stout came up with the idea for ExpeditionQuest when trying to communicate with his 11 year-old daughter while on an expedition in the Brooks Range in Alaska.

Stout and co-founder Ankur Verma have high expectations for EQ. Stout explains, “In the past, expeditions in the field were primarily limited to sending text and still photos by email. EQ now makes it fast and easy for projects to upload content. We offer scientists and adventurers a free and creative online community where they can share their research, discoveries and passions. ExpeditionQuest is an idea whose time has come.”

You can find ExpeditionQuest on the net at: http://www.expeditionquest.com/ .

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