New Rand McNally Traffic Helps Motorists Stay Informed With Real-Time Traffic Updates on Their Cell Phones

Downloadable Traffic Flow, Incident and Event Data Always on Hand for Travelers

SKOKIE, Ill., Feb. 2 /PRNewswire/ — Getting stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic is every motorist’s nightmare. But now drivers can avoid congested roads and traffic delays with Rand McNally Traffic, the most comprehensive traffic coverage available to cell phone users.

Rand McNally Traffic is a downloadable mobile application that delivers real-time traffic flow and incident reporting in more than 90 U.S. cities (for download information visit ). Subscribers have unlimited, immediate access to information on accidents, construction, areas of congestion, road closures, weather conditions and potentially traffic-impacting events, such as sporting events, concerts and festivals.

The Commute Wizard, a feature unique to Rand McNally Traffic, provides zip code-to-zip code reports making destination searches easier than ever before. Not only can subscribers access information on specific routes, but they can also store their commute routes and retrieve traffic on or around those routes quickly and easily.

Up-To-Date, Personalized Reports

Radio and television stations report on incidents long after they have occurred. They also force drivers to wait for regular traffic reports and to often listen to an entire report before they hear about conditions on a particular highway or stretch of road. But updates on Rand McNally Traffic are available whenever and wherever subscribers need them, and include more up-to-date, personalized information than can be heard on broadcast reports.

With Rand McNally Traffic’s extensive menu options, motorists have greater access to information, compiled from multiple sources including transportation and law enforcement agencies, automated speed sensors, and aircraft. Users can search for information by city and even check for incidents by roads. Rand McNally has partnered with TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS) (NASDAQ:TSYS) , a global leader in wireless data technology, to offer Rand McNally Traffic.

“Traffic delays waste drivers’ time and money,” said Robert Apatoff, president and chief executive officer of Rand McNally. “Rand McNally Traffic helps drivers avoid the frustration that results from sitting in bumper-to- bumper traffic.”

Rand McNally Traffic is initially available to Sprint PCS Vision(SM), AT&T Wireless and ALLTEL mobile phone subscribers with compatible phones. Plans to make Rand McNally Traffic available on other carriers are in the offing.

Rand McNally Traffic has a $3.99 monthly subscription fee, charged directly to the customer’s monthly cellular bill.

“Rand McNally Traffic has set the wheels in motion to revolutionize the way drivers plan their trips in real-time,” said Maurice B. Tose, chairman, president and chief executive officer of TCS.

To subscribe or to find more information about Rand McNally Traffic, visit . Cellular users also may subscribe through the vending machine option on their phones’ wireless Internet. About Rand McNally

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