City Club of Cleveland, Nation’s Oldest Continuous Free Speech Forum, Caters Weddings: Features Flexibility, Affordability in Downtown Cleveland Setting

CLEVELAND, Feb. 3 /PRNewswire/ — The venerable City Club of Cleveland, the nation’s oldest continuous free speech forum, caters a full range of weddings in center city with the attractions of flexibility in arrangements and affordability.

Custom Catering provides professional event coordinators to work closely with couples throughout the planning and implementation, according to Micki Kennedy, catering director. See .

“We can arrange everything, from a wedding cake to a fireplace suite,” says Kennedy. “And our wide range of rooms in modern and neutral decor will serve the needs of just about any couple.”

There are a number of all-inclusive packages, including such amenities as a stunning array of colors in linens to match the wedding theme, a cake- cutting and boxing service, and fresh floral centerpieces with votive candles.

Custom Catering offers referrals for arranging such things as music, parking, and limo service.

“Established in 1912 to encourage new ideas and a free exchange of thought, The City Club’s goal is to send off our couples to a lifetime of happiness,” says Kennedy. For more information, visit .

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