Just in Time for Valentine’s Day Survey Says: Love Is Better In San Francisco

Respondents Vote for Top Celebrity Tour Guides

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 4 /PRNewswire/ — Romance is in the air, literally, in San Francisco, where its world-famous fog creates an atmosphere that appeals to lovers. San Francisco is clearly seen as more romantic than Los Angeles in a recent survey comparing the two cities. The study, conducted for the San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau (SFCVB) by MarketTools, Inc., surveyed more than 300 residents of both L.A. and San Francisco who had visited the other city in the past three years. Almost all the San Franciscans in the study — an overwhelming 94 percent — rate their city as the more romantic, and even 83 percent of Los Angelenos agree that their northern neighbor evokes more amore than their local surroundings.

City “Best For”

Both San Francisco and L.A. residents listed bridges and fog as the number one and number two things that “San Francisco is Best For.” Those looking for true love in San Francisco this Valentine’s Day should head for the Golden Gate Bridge, which was ranked as the top romantic spot in the city by residents. Other places made for hand-holding include Coit Tower, Twin Peaks, the Top of the Mark, the Cliff House and the beaches of San Francisco. The survey listed “L.A. is Best For” results as beaches and out-of-work screenwriters. Top-ranked romantic beaches by residents include Malibu and Santa Monica, especially at sunset, sunrise or at night.

It is the beauty of San Francisco and its surrounding area that most attracts L.A. residents, even though they tend to visit San Francisco less frequently than San Franciscans visit L.A. San Francisco’s hills, wines/wineries, views, architecture and parks are all seen as better than L.A. by survey respondents. Another key advantage of San Francisco is its compactness; it is seen as a city that is easy to get around. San Francisco is also known for the one item almost synonymous with Valentine’s Day – chocolate. Beyond beaches, the main appeal of L.A. for San Francisco visitors is the nightlife/new music scene, Mexican food, Disneyland/theme parks, the climate and museums (particularly the Getty Museum).

Celebrity Tour Guides

Residents and visitors agree that Robin Williams would be the best tour guide for San Francisco. Both groups in the survey see power couple Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver as the best tour guides of L.A. San Franciscans favor Jennifer Aniston, one half of another celebrity couple where romance did not win out, over the other half Brad Pitt, for the number two spot. Los Angelenos, however, remain loyal to Pitt, ranking him number one and Paris Hilton number two over Aniston.

The survey was conducted in conjunction with the recently launched “Not in L.A.” campaign. For more information on hotel packages and reservations, events, activities and transportation in San Francisco, visit http://www.notinla.com/ . For lodging reservations by phone, call (888) 782- 9673 toll free within North America or (415) 283-0155 elsewhere.

San Francisco, the “cool, grey city of love,” has a number of attractions and hotel offerings just for Valentine’s Day. For more information visit: http://www.sfcvb.org/travel_media/press.asp?rid=167 .

Visitor guides are available at the Visitor Information Center at 900 Market Street at the corner of Powell and Market streets, lower level, Hallidie Plaza. To receive a copy by mail, call (415) 391-2000, write to the San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau, 900 Market Street, Lower Level, Hallidie Plaza, San Francisco, CA, 94102 or send an e-mail to vic1@sfcvb.org .

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