London Streets Ahead in Romance Race

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- UK Map of Romance Reveals Valentine Hotspots

When it comes to romance London is UK’s official hotspot according to the UK Map of Romance commissioned by Post Office(R) flowers. Despite the hectic, single lifestyle associated with capital living, Londoners are planning to be generous this Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile 14 February celebrations will be firmly off the agenda in Scotland.

The UK Map of Romance identifies potential Valentine’s hotspots based on spend and frequency of flower purchasing throughout the different UK regions.

UK Map of Romance – based on analysis of frequency, spend and reasons for flower purchasing for partners/spouses. [1]

1. London
2. Northern Ireland
3. The East
4. South West
5. Yorkshire and Humberside
6. Wales
7. South East
8. North East
9. East Midlands
10. North West
11. West Midlands
12. Scotland

The Post Office(R) flowers research reveals that a third of all women will be disappointed this Valentine’s Day with around one in three men admitting to never buying flowers for their partners or spouses.

Scots shun romance

Those living in the East are the most likely to receive a bouquet with 49 per cent admitting to regularly sending flowers on Valentine’s, closely followed by Yorkshire and Humberside with 44 per cent. Meanwhile just a fifth of Scots (21 per cent) and less than a third of those in the East Midlands (30 per cent) can expect to be surprised with flowers next week.

Londoners splash the cash

Flower buyers in London and Northern Ireland are the most generous with their money, with 15 per cent and 14 per cent respectively regularly spending over GBP30 on a bouquet. A further seven per cent of people in Northern Ireland admit to spending more than GBP40 on flowers. This provides a stark contrast to those in the North East and Scotland of which 26 per cent claim to spend just GBP5 or less on average for a bouquet.

It’s the thought that counts

In addition to splashing the cash, Londoners also come out top in the sentiments stakes, with over a third (34 per cent) believing that sending flowers on Valentine’s Day is the most romantic way to show affection. Meanwhile the Welsh and those in the West Midlands confess to different motivations with one in ten admitting they only send flowers to their loved ones so they don’t have to make any further effort on Valentine’s Day!

Kevin McAdam, head of travel and leisure at the Post Office(R), said: “Our Map of Romance highlights the regional differences when it comes to love across the country and Valentine’s habits are a great way to find out just how romantic we are. So, if you are looking for love it seems that people should relocate to London or Northern Ireland!

“Given the cynical and hectic lifestyle associated with people living London it’s surprising that they are keen to make so much time for romance.”

Northerners embarrass easily

The lack of romance displayed by the Scots, Midlanders and Northerners could be attributed to a number of reasons, with the research highlighting embarrassment as a contributing factor. Eighteen per cent of those in the North East and a further ten per cent in Wales and the North West suggest that they feel embarrassed when buying flowers for their loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

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