Sabre Partners With Realtime Enterprises to Launch First Personal Travel Agent at DEMO Technology Showcase

Aurora, a revolutionary new Smart Connect application lets travelers look, book and schedule travel with a mouse click

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Feb. 13 /PRNewswire/ — DEMO@15! Conference — Realtime Enterprises today unveiled its new Smart Connect Internet platform for the travel industry and announced a major distribution partnership with Sabre Holdings (NYSE:TSG) .

Realtime will supply its Aurora personal agent software to Sabre’s network of 20,000 travel agencies in the summer of 2005 to vastly simplify transactions and cut costs in the margin-squeezed industry.

“This product brings major benefits to every segment of the travel industry — travelers, agents, suppliers and global distributors,” says Chris Shipley, Executive Producer of DEMO, a major technology showcase for the technology venture industry. “It combines the power of Web services with the processing power of the PC or PDA in ways we have not seen before.”

Aurora installs a “Travel” button in the user’s PC or digital device which empowers them to “look, book and schedule” travel services directly from applications such as Microsoft Outlook(R) — without having to launch a browser. Aurora connects them directly to Sabre’s Web services via the Microsoft .NET (R) framework thereby vastly simplifying the entire transaction.

“It saves time, money and makes life easier for everyone involved,” said Corey Ladd, of Sabre.

Aurora a Smart Connect, not a Dumb Terminal

“Instead of booking air, car, and hotel arrangements separately, travelers enter their trip requirements once into the Aurora application which is embedded in their Outlook calendar,” says Kost. Aurora then scans the Sabre system and other providers, integrates the information and proposes a solution that the user can accept or modify. Once the traveler has reviewed and approved the proposed travel plan it is automatically entered in her Outlook calendar. It will also be entered automatically into colleagues’ calendars if desired. When the trip is completed Aurora takes on the unpopular task of creating expense reports automatically using itinerary information.

“Aurora’s rich user experience is an excellent example of how compelling smart client applications can be built using .NET-connected technologies and Web services,” said Dave Mendlen, director of Web services marketing at Microsoft. “Web services enable the creation of powerful solutions that connect remote systems with familiar desktop applications like Outlook, Excel, and Word, dramatically improving the experience for customers.”

“While computer users have been able to make travel reservations over the Internet for some time, Aurora’s Smart Connect takes connectivity to a new level,” according to Kost. “For the first time Smart Connect integrates the data from multiple providers into a single application. This has profound implications for the travel industry. Now you can use a single desktop application to collect information from airlines, rental cars, hotels, and other providers such as limousine, restaurant, mapping and weather services – and present a comprehensive solution,” he said.

The company recently closed a round of private venture capital funded by Series A investors that include First Round Venture Capital, GeoCapital and Cove Harbor Partners.

About Realtime Enterprises

Founded by Robert Kost and Sam Meo, industry veterans and pioneers in the development of web services software, Realtime Enterprises has developed revolutionary patent-pending Smart Connect applications. These are task- oriented, problem solving applications that for the first time use the internet to gather data and distribute processing in order to identify solutions and present them to users. The Company’s first integrated Smart Connect application connects travelers to airlines, rental cars and hotels, and presents a single travel solution in their Microsoft Outlook calendars. Applications in other industries will follow.

The Company’s first product, Book Avis, was launched in 2004. It enables Avis customers to make, modify and cancel car reservations from within Microsoft Outlook(R).

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