**CHANGE IN TIME — Keystone Resort Hosts Top Skiing And Snowboarding Event For 150 Kids, Representing The Future Of The Snow Sports Industry

Sports Illustrated For Kids NextSnow SEARCH brings the best 9-13 year olds

from across North America together to compete in the most progressive skiing

and snowboarding event for kids.


Mountain Start: 2:00 PM MST End: 2:15 PM MST
Eastern Start: 4:00 PM EST End: 4:15 PM EST

Location: SBS 6 Transponder: K8 KU Band
Downlink Frequency: 11896.5 Vertical Polarity Audio: 6.2/6.8
Uplink provider: Peak Uplink, Bruce Fauser, 303-921-9800

Footage includes: young athletes talking about skiing and snowboarding, as well footage of athletes competing at Keystone; U.S. Snowboard Team member Seth Wescott talking about the importance of event; interviews with SnowMonsters and NextSnow SEARCH creator Jack Turner and Keystone’s COO Roger McCarthy discussing the importance of this event for kids and the evolution of the snow sports industry.

Keystone, Colo. – Feb. 10, 2005 – The Sports Illustrated For Kids NextSnow SEARCH Finals mark the culmination of a series of freeride competitions that ave been taking place at U.S. and Canadian resorts throughout the winter. The top finalists from those nationwide events qualified for the NextSnow SEARCH finals. Nearly 150 young snow sports enthusiasts (ages 9-13), have been selected from more than 70 ski areas across the continent including resorts in California, Vermont, Utah, Montana and Colorado. They will compete in such events as big air, slopestyle, park and pipe, bumps, freestyle and big mountain skiing. Girls and boys, skiers and snowboarders will all compete together. Besides their on-snow performance, they’re judged on attitude and character as well. This is the only event that combines the sports, genders and disciplines in this unique progressive format.

ESPN jump-started the action sports movement 10 years ago with the Summer X Games, followed by the Winter X Games in 1998. The movement has defined a generation and has seen unprecedented growth in everything from motocross to snowboarding. Two years ago, seeing a need for an event that caters to the youngest demographic of this movement, Jack Turner created the NextSnow SEARCH. This event illustrates that the action sports movement has crossed over to all ages and areas of the country and the evolution of the snow sports industry.

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