See Magician Nathan Burton Sealed in Box – 7 Days, 7 Showgirls

Las Vegas Showman’s Stunt With No Food or Water to Raise Funds for Tsunami Relief Effort

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 17 /PRNewswire/ — Magician Nathan Burton (watch-your- back-David-Blaine) will be undertaking the most death-defying stunt ever when he is sealed in a Plexiglas box from March 9-15 and suspended in mid-air with seven beautiful showgirls in front of the “V” Theatre at Aladdin’s Desert Passage.

Those who show up to see him will be able to have a photo taken for a $5 minimum donation (the profits will go to the American Red Cross) to aid the Tsunami victims. Nathan said, “In Las Vegas we are so far away from having such a catastrophe but by no means are we immune from tragedy. During our city’s Centennial, I think we should make a special effort to help.”

Houdini submerged himself while shackled in chains; David Blaine was enclosed in a box by himself; but Nathan Burton will be accomplishing this feat Vegas-style — sandwiched between seven sexy, scantily-clad showgirls. No food, no water, only an endless supply of energy drinks. Will he make it? Nathan’s wife Sarah, will be there to make sure that no sleight of hand gets, “out of hand!” Sarah, when asked if she has any reservations about the stunt, “I love and trust Nathan … but, if he doesn’t behave, I have a boxful of Chippendales waiting in the wings!”

There will be four web cams on him and the beauties which can be viewed at Las Vegas’ symbol, the showgirls, will be well represented in honor of the Las Vegas’ Centennial with over 150 of them.

Nathan Burton is one of the stars on E! Entertainment Television’s reality show, Wayne Newton’s, “The Entertainer.” He and nine other hopefuls are competing for the gig of a lifetime — headlining at the Las Vegas Hilton for a year and a $1 million contract. Check out or tune in to “E!”

Nathan Burton currently stars with Sarah in the sold-out show “V – The Ultimate Variety Show” at the Aladdin Resort on The Las Vegas Strip. They’ve played everywhere from Caesar’s Palace to The Venetian.

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