European Travel Guidebooks for Dog Owners Are Introduced by Lillystravels

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 18 /PRNewswire/ — A Guidebook to Taking Your Dog to Paris, the first in a series of European travel guidebooks written for dog owners, is now available for purchase at Published by Lillystravels, the guidebooks provide dog owners with indispensable information for navigating a trip to Europe with dog in tow.

Written in the voice of Lilly, an English Toy Spaniel, the guides include relevant information for preparing to take your dog on a European trip, such as obtaining necessary health certificates, packing, and preparing for departure. Also provided is valuable location-specific information, such as dog-friendly restaurants and hotels, the name of a local veterinarian, and navigating public transportation.

Five additional guidebooks covering Rome, Florence, Milan and the Lakes, Tuscany, and Austria, will be available in early Spring 2005. Thirteen additional European guides are planned for 2005 and 2006.

Lillystravels “go beyond a walk in the park” guidebooks are the only guides currently available for traveling with dogs to Europe. Juli Feinberg, president of Lillystravels, dispels the common misconception that dogs must be quarantined in European countries. “Although England, Ireland, Scotland, and Sweden do currently require quarantines,” she said, “other European countries do not.”

Juli has experienced firsthand the warm reception received when traveling in Europe with Lilly. “You are no longer just a tourist. Europeans assume you are one of them, and begin talking to you about your dog.”

An online newsletter, providing the latest information for dog travel and available by subscription, will also be available in 2005 at

For additional information , contact: Juli Feinberg, Lillystravels, 510-304-8665 or 925-296-0713 ext. 201, Fax: 925-296-0715, high resolution photo available (press)

Lillystravels was inspired by Lilly, an English Toy Spaniel whose family did not want to kennel her when they traveled to Europe. Through their research and travels, Lilly’s family sought to provide information to other families who wanted to experience the joy of traveling with their dog.

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