Detroit & Canada Tunnel Corporation Convenes Think Tank to Increase Business in Windsor

WINDSOR, Ontario, Feb. 24 /PRNewswire/ — A world class city complete with shops, cafes in the downtown and cultural attractions along with an international airport to get visitors to a city rooted in Canadian culture and charm. That is the vision of Windsor that business leaders and owners came up with last week at a meeting convened by the Detroit & Canada Tunnel Corporation.

The purpose of the meeting, according the Tunnel Executive Vice President and General Manager Neal Belitsky was to “Find ways to improve cross border traffic and commerce in the region.”

From Erie Street to Riverside, Windsor provides people with a multicultural mix, complete with culinary treasures, festivals and Canadian charm. According to the business leaders who attended last week’s “Think Tank to Increase Windsor Business,” Windsor is already a world-class city that provides its inhabitants and guests with a safe, clean and friendly environment.

Laurence Smith, CEO of Service Advantage International in Plymouth, Michigan, designed and facilitated the Think Tank. Participants were encouraged to focus on innovative approaches to increase cross-border business and travel.

According to Ari Freed of Freed’s of Windsor, “The meeting was very beneficial. It was good to see people from Windsor talk about the City and all of its wonderful attributes.” Freed continued to say, “There are so many reasons Americans should come over to Windsor such as service, great values and unique products from an entirely different country.” However, many Americans are deterred from crossing the border because they hear about all the back-ups, when in fact, a lot has been done to make the border easier to cross since 9-11.

Windsor is known for a variety of activities to keep people busy at all hours — just minutes from the United States. From the amazing cultural attractions, to the city’s rich cultural history, world class dining, variety of ethnic cafes and its vibrant nightlife that includes a casino, nightclubs, theater and the symphony, Windsor has much to offer.

Thanks in part to the leadership of the Detroit & Canada Tunnel Corporation; businesses in Windsor are starting to look at how to increase attention and business in the region — targeted at the American consumer.

As a result of last week’s meeting, a series of issues were raised on Windsor’s strengths, weaknesses and promises of the future. The Tunnel, which is leading the effort to increase business in the region, took the initiative to get business and retailers involved and together to brainstorm on ways to improve business in Windsor.

The Loonie making a comeback, was cited as one of the reasons business and commerce in Windsor has lagged, U.S. competition for entertainment dollars was also cited.

Windsor has also suffered by misperceptions about crossing the border. However, business leaders are optimistic that change is on the horizon and Windsor will soon rise as a City to rival its sister city to the South.

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