5 Music Festivals You Can’t Miss

2012 is already shaping up to be a great year in music, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by experiencing the very best of it in pure, live form. Here are our top 5 musical festivals from around the world.

5: Lollapalooza (USA)
From an old word meaning “an extraordinary or unusual thing,” Lollapalooza definitely lives up to its name. It runs every year and books everyone who’s anyone in the modern music scene, including Metallica, Muse, and even Lady Gaga. It’s gotten so big they’ve created a Lollapalooza for South America! 

Of course, if you’re going to South America, you should check out…

4: Rock in Rio (Brazil)
One of the largest music festivals in the world, Rock in Rio is a massive outpouring of music, culture, and good old-fashioned entertainment. Regularly drawing over a million music fans, it migrates between three countries – Brazil, Portugal, and Spain – and only seems to get bigger and louder each time. 2012 will kick off in Lisbon, Portugal, so be there or miss out!

3: Midi Modern Music Festival (China)
You might not expect a thriving rock scene from China, but the truth is that the students of Beijing Midi School of Music have been pulling together since 2000 to create an annual music fest that defies tradition and celebrates sound. It’s worth the trip, not only to experience up-and-coming artists from all around Asia, but to support the country’s efforts to break free of its restraints. It’s rocking for a good cause!

2: Roskilde Festival (Denmark)
Don’t let the foreign name scare you – Roskilde has been running since the 70s and gained such a reputation that bands literally beg for the chance to play in it. They face a lot of competition, of course. Bjork, Kanye West, and Nine Inch Nails are just a few of the artists who have graced this Dutch stage, and 2012 promises to draw even bigger names.

1: SonneMondSterne (Germany)
Where to begin? SonneMondSterne is one of the craziest festivals of the year, the kind where legends are born and holiday insurance hits a premium. You can dance, drink, party, or even swim to the music – the festivities are held right near a lake – and musicians and DJs are on rotation for 24-hour sound.

With big stars, wild parties and endless entertainment even of the non-music variety, SonneMondSterne is our #1 music festival that you just can’t miss.

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