Segway LLC Introduces 2005 Product Line with More Power, More Attitude and More Options

New Lithium-ion Batteries Extend Riding Range and Support New Product Categories

New Colors and Features Give Customers Freedom to Customize Segway(R) HT

BEDFORD, N.H., March 1 /PRNewswire/ — Today Segway LLC introduced its 2005 product line featuring three new models and lithium-ion batteries that double the range of the Segway(R) Human Transporter (HT). The line includes the new Segway HT i180 in Midnight Blue, Midnight Blue/Solar Yellow and Midnight Blue/Sport Red color combinations; the Segway Cross-Terrain Transporter (XT); and the Segway Golf Transporter (GT).

“We are proud to introduce such a robust product line in 2005. We’re giving our customers what they’ve been asking for: more range, more customization options and more riding opportunities,” said Klee Kleber, Segway LLC’s vice president of marketing. “The new colorful i180 models are the most striking Segway HTs we’ve ever released — and they’re available with batteries that deliver incredible range. The Segway XT and Segway GT will enable riders to enjoy the outdoors like never before.”

“The original Segway HT product line has established itself as being technologically innovative, as well as amazingly reliable and useful,” said Doug Field, Segway LLC’s vice president of design and engineering. “We are very proud of the Segway HT’s track record of customer satisfaction. Our new products build on that reputation, with range improvements, new riding opportunities and bold new designs.”

More Power

Now, the Segway HT is twice as attractive. Segway LLC worked with Valence Technology, Inc. to develop Saphion(R) lithium-ion batteries for the Segway HT i180, Segway XT and Segway GT. The new batteries are available on each of these models and deliver an impressive a range of up to 24 miles on a single charge depending on terrain, riding style and payload. Lithium-ion batteries are very low-maintenance, have a long service life and can operate at battery temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

The i180 models will be available in April 2005 with lithium-ion batteries for the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $4,995 or with nickel-metal hydride batteries for $4,495.

More Attitude

The i180 models feature more exciting color combinations and design, and allow owners to easily customize the look of their Segway HT. The Segway HT i180 is available in Midnight Blue, Midnight Blue/Solar Yellow and Midnight Blue/Sport Red color combinations. These models feature newly designed fenders and wheels, as well as coordinating accents of color on the control shaft, handlebars and front logo marks.

The i180 model is the first Segway HT to roll on newly designed black wheels that come standard with contrasting silver inserts. Moveable silver splashguards on the fenders allow the rider to easily customize the look of the Segway HT.

More Options

Today Segway LLC also released the Segway XT and Segway GT — two models that provide exciting new ways to explore the outdoors.

The Segway XT is designed for smooth, stable riding on a wide variety of off-pavement environments and features all-terrain tires, a robust new fender design, lithium-ion batteries and specially tuned software. Its low-pressure tires smooth the ride on bumpy surfaces and minimize trail impact, while the wider track increases stability on uneven ground. The Segway XT’s software has been modified to support the new tire size and to supply improved control and performance. The increased energy capacity of lithium-ion batteries support the demands of the Segway XT, while still providing a 10 mile off-pavement range, depending on terrain, riding style and payload.

The sturdy fenders on the Segway XT are designed to protect the rider from debris and to safeguard the rider during leaning turns. The aluminum fender frames feature built-in lift handles that help you get a grip on the Segway XT for loading in and out of a vehicle. Bronze sport striping on black fenders combine with the polished aluminum wheels to create a machine of rugged beauty. The Segway XT will be available in April 2005 for the MSRP of $4,995.

The Segway GT is perfect for the avid golfer who’s looking to speed up his or her game. It features a golf bag carrier, enhanced traction tires, lithium-ion batteries and a unique standby key that enables the unit to stay powered on as the rider makes his or her shot. Its lithium-ion batteries allow you to play up to 36 holes on a single charge. When used on paved, flat surfaces, Segway GT riders will achieve a range of about up to 22 miles.

The golf bag carrier secures the golf bag to the side of the Segway GT and is configured to sit on the right-hand side of the rider. Adjustable straps secure the bag to the carrier and can accommodate most golf bags. The carrier functions as a stand for the unit when it’s time to play, allowing easy access to the clubs.

Enhanced traction tires are standard on the Segway GT and help the golfer follow the action over the varied landscape of the course. These tires are made of a special compound and feature a unique tread optimized to perform well on low-traction surfaces. The Segway GT will be available in April 2005 for the MSRP of $5,495.

The new 2005 Segway products will be available in April at any of the more than 80 Authorized Segway Dealerships in the U.S. and Canada or by calling Segway LLC direct at 866-4SEGWAY. Select Segway products can also be purchased through international distributors,, and at Brookstone stores. To find the nearest location to buy Segway products, please visit

Authorized Segway Dealerships also offer a variety of cargo-carrying, lighting and travel accessories for the Segway HT. Visit or your local dealer for more information about Segway accessories.

Complete product specifications and photos for all Segway HT models can be found at

About Segway

Segway LLC develops and manufactures alternative-power transportation devices and is well-known for its flagship product, the electric, self-balancing Segway(R) Human Transporter (HT), which has garnered attention around the globe since it was first revealed in December 2001. Driven by a mission to develop and sell fun, innovative transportation solutions, Segway employs patented “dynamic stabilization” technology to create versatile, agile, short-range devices that provide an exhilarating user experience. People are using the Segway HT to run errands, commute to work, and just have fun, while enjoying the benefits of its impressive energy efficiency — equivalent to 450 miles per gallon. Commercial organizations are using it to increase productivity and reduce emissions and operational costs.

Segway LLC’s headquarters and manufacturing facility are based in Bedford, N.H. Segway products can be purchased at several dealers around the country, through, at Brookstone stores, and by calling 1-866-4SEGWAY. For additional information about Segway and to find dealer locations, please visit Press materials and digital images are available at Segway LLC’s press center at

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