Why Cheapflights.com Doesn’t Date … Experts Agree Date Flexibility Leads to Big Savings

BOSTON, March 9 /PRNewswire/ — Call us the anti-Paris Hilton. Cheapflights.com doesn’t date and we never have. So while the Paris’ of the internet search world enjoy their jet-setting single life, Cheapflights.com remains in a committed relationship to its customers, which had over 1 million visits in January (a stat that would make even Paris blush).

“Being flexible with your departure date can mean the difference of hundreds of dollars in savings,” said Hugo Burge, President of Cheapflights.com. “That’s why dating isn’t in our future.”

Travelers are flocking to Cheapflights.com because they want a fast, simple and independent overview of prices and visibility of current hot deals based on destination, not departure date. It’s important that they know who sells what in a particular market, including companies that aren’t widely known, and when the cheapest flights depart.

The competition (and some critics … you know who you are) seem fixated on searching for travel based on the date of departure. But while those serial daters divvy up the universe of prospective suitors, ahem … customers, Cheapflights.com would rather play the role of spinster and provide destination specific results.

A few other reasons Cheapflights.com doesn’t date:

* Have you seen the mark-up on a bottle of wine? Let’s face it, dating
is expensive and price is the most important factor to most travelers.
According to Neilson NetRatings 20 percent of the travel market is for
mercenary travel.

* Keeping our options open. Cheapflights.com doesn’t want to end up
married to a particular customer; we want to offer something for
everyone. By not choosing to date, we are able to offer a wider
selection of deals from a wide selection of suppliers including lesser
known specialists.

* Finding Love on the Phone – Sometimes the best deals will be found on
the telephone and these deals cannot be “meta-searched” by date (what
else did you think we meant?).

* No guarantee of Mr. or Mrs. Right – Cheapflights.com knows that there
will never be a silver bullet that will always spit out the lowest
price based on a date search, it’s a technical impossibility. We’ve
focused on being Mr. Reality instead.

But we understand why people date so in homage to “Dear Abby,” we offer the following advice:

* Use multiple booking tools after you have a firm grasp on the

* Be focused and search the companies by date that are likely to offer
you the best deal

* Find out which specialists can add value to your search

* Search intelligently!!

About Cheapflights.com

Cheapflights.com, a top 20 U.S. travel agency site in January 2005 (Hitwise) entered the U.S. market in 2003 after Cheapflights.co.uk established itself as one of the U.K.’s top 10 travel web sites. Cheapflights.com’s online search engine assembles airline inventory from over hundreds of consolidators, specialists and airlines (including low costs). Cheapflights Ltd. was recently awarded the U.K.’s Regional National Business Award for Growth Strategy of the Year. For additional information please visit http://www.cheapflights.com/

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