Lake City Announces 2nd Annual Alferd Packer Days

Mystery Meat Cook-Off, Coffin Races, and Bone-Throwing Contest Celebrate Colorado’s Notorious Cannibal

LAKE CITY, Colo., March 10 /PRNewswire/ — The 2nd annual Alferd Packer Days, sponsored by ( and the Lake City & Hinsdale County Chamber of Commerce, will take place June 4th, 2005, in the historic town of Lake City, Colorado.

This year’s menu of activities includes: Alferd look-alike competition; skull throwing contest; coffin races; mystery meat Bar-B-Q; a re-enactment of the Alferd Packer trial, as well as a few surprises!

Located in Hinsdale County in Southwest Colorado, the region’s Alferd Packer mystique remains more than 130 years after the gold prospector admitted to eating — but not murdering — several members of his party.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if more people have heard of Alferd Packer than have heard of Lake City. But that’s OK,” said Hinsdale County Administrator Ray Blaum. “The Al Packer story adds mystery and intrigue to the town of Lake City. But it also gets people’s interest up in the rich mining history of Hinsdale County and the spectacular mountain vacation destination of Lake City.”

Way back in 1873 in the depths of winter, Alferd Packer, along with five fellow gold prospectors, ventured into Colorado’s San Juan mountains in their quest for riches. Nothing was heard of them until the spring of 1874 when an apparently “well fed and enriched” Packer reemerged minus his traveling companions.

After an investigation he was arrested and charged with having murdered them (a charge he fervently denied), and partly eating them (a charge he didn’t deny). He was subsequently convicted of manslaughter and escaped the noose, but was sent to prison. Fifteen years later he was released and eventually found work as a doorman at the famous Brown Palace hotel in downtown Denver. The remains of his unfortunate traveling companions were discovered after the spring thaw and lie buried at their massacre site on Slumgullion Pass overlooking the Town of Lake City.

“The notorious story of Alferd Packer adds some mystique to the town of Lake City,” said Julian West, president of May West Holdings and Ideas of the Mind. “The EverythingAlferd Web site is an interesting and somewhat tongue- in-cheek way to grab people’s attention on behalf of our client, the Town of Lake City, and also celebrate the life of Alferd, an individual who we feel was a victim of circumstance. In a time when so much of the news is somewhat depressing, we hope that the items on sale will bring a smile to people’s faces. What’s more, we think Alfie would have approved.”

Visitors to can learn more about Alferd’s fascinating life and enter into the spirit of the Web site by purchasing interesting items such as mousepads, mugs, steak knives, beef jerky, tee shirts and lots more.

For more information on Alferd Packer Days and other activities and events in and around Lake City, visit or call 1-866-403-5253.

About Alferd Packer Days

Alferd Packer Days is held each year in Lake City, Colorado in the heart of the spectacular San Juan Mountains of Southwestern Colorado, about 50 miles south of Gunnison. Sponsored by, the event features a host of activities centered on the history, controversy and mystique of the Alferd Packer incident. Lake City and Hinsdale County offer year-round activities, including hiking, camping, boating, fishing, horseback riding, jeep touring, hunting, ATVing, mine tours, mini golf, mountain biking, rafting, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, snowmobiling, and more. For more information on Alferd Packer Days or Lake City, please call 1-866-403-5253 or visit For more information on EverythingAlferd, visit

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