Leading Sales Training Firm Announces First-Ever Sales Training Cruise

7-Day Cruise to the Mexican Riviera Aboard the M.S. Carnival Pride(SM) May 8th – 15th, 2005

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 25 /PRNewswire/ — Achievex Corporation, creator of the popular “Successful Selling in Today’s Economy(SM)” sales seminars, is proud to announce its first-ever “Cruise Your Way to Sales Excellence(SM)” 7-day cruise to Mexico.

Who needs sales training? Practically everyone who has to sell for a living, including business owners and sales professionals who face the following challenges: Not being in front of enough qualified prospects to meet their goals; Making great presentations but walking away with too many “think-it-overs;” Wasting precious time and resources creating proposals that go absolutely nowhere; Difficulty differentiating themselves from the competition, so it always comes down to price; Or, having a longer and longer sales cycle with no idea how to shorten it.

“It’s amazing how many people, whose mamas didn’t raise them to be salespeople, wind up in sales, and don’t have the necessary skills to truly succeed,” states Michael Luckman, CEO of Achievex. “Every day I work with individual sales professionals and company sales forces that lack not only the technical skills, such as qualifying and closing the prospect, but often have attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that literally sabotage their sales efforts.”

“The 7-day cruise itinerary allows our attendees the perfect opportunity to participate in a comprehensive non-traditional sales training program that will be taught over the 3 days the ship will be at sea, while experiencing a world-class vacation aboard one of the most beautiful ships, the M.S. Carnival Pride(SM),” says Luckman.

A few of the topics that will be taught by Luckman, who brings over 37 years of hands-on sales, sales management and marketing experience to the training, are: Shortening the sales cycle by staying in control; Making the first minutes count; Discovering why the prospect will buy from you; When and how to talk about money; Uncovering the decision-making process; State-of- the-art closing techniques that work; Handling the toughest sales situations with ease; and Prospecting methods that will fill your pipeline.

The M.S. Carnival Pride(SM) will leave Long Beach, CA on Sunday, May 8th. Monday and Tuesday will be training days. Wednesday we’ll dock in Puerto Vallarta, Thursday in Mazatlan and Friday in Cabo San Lucas, subject to weather conditions. Saturday is another training day. And, on Sunday the 15th, our ship returns to Long Beach.

“It is our intention to WOW our guests with both the cruise and the sales training,” states Luckman. “That’s why we chose Carnival Cruise Lines.” The all-inclusive cruise to the Mexican Riviera starts out with a stateroom that features a private balcony, and includes all meals, including fine dining, midnight buffets and room service, plus glamorous Las Vegas-style shows, casino gambling, white sandy beaches and state-of-the-art exercise facilities.

For more information visit http://www.achievexcorp.com/ or contact Michael Luckman at mbluckman@achievexcorp.com or call him directly at 408-404-6764 Ext. 2.

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