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Song Unveils the Latest Features on the Most Innovative In-Flight Entertainment System Among U.S. Carriers

Video On-Demand, Digital Pay-Per-View Movies, MP3 Audio Programming and Suite of Video Games Debut as Newest In-Flight Entertainment Features

ATLANTA, March 15 /PRNewswire/ — Song(R), Delta Air Lines’ high-style, low-fare air service, unveiled today the newest options available to customers on all Song flights on its industry-leading in-flight entertainment system. The newest features include 10 pay-per-view digital movies available on- demand, MP3 programming available on-demand, and a suite of 11 video games. All Song flights offer personal video monitors at each seat, allowing each customer access to the broadest array of on-board offerings via convenient touch-screen technology.

Song works with its supplier, Matsushita Avionics Systems Corporation (MAS), to offer the Ethernet-based MAS eFX system — a first for any US air service. The system features all digital touch-screen monitors to provide “on-demand” functionality that allow passengers to start and stop video and audio options at their leisure from their personal video monitors. Song’s newest choices for customers include:

* 10 pay-per-view, on-demand, digitally-mastered movies, allowing
customers to start and stop films, shown in widescreen. Each film is
available for $5.

* Digitally-streamed MP3 programming, offering customers the opportunity
to create and listen to individual music playlists of up to 32 songs
at their seat from an inventory of more than 1,600 songs, including
hundreds of new CDs and individual tracks — all available for free
and on-demand. Customers can select their music entertainment by
genre, artist, title, or album. Each month Song will also feature a
celebrity playlist with tunes personally selected by the individual.

* 11 additional video games, allowing unlimited play of all games for
$5, including the popular interactive poker game Texas Holdem which
enables passengers to join one of 10 poker tables and compete against
one another on the personal video monitors at their seats. Other
game choices offered include: Alchemy, Atomica, Bejeweled, Big Money,
Bookworm, Dynamite, Insaniquarium, Klondike Solitaire, Mummy Maze and
Noah’s Ark.

Song’s newest in-flight entertainment amenities boost Song’s other entertainment offerings, including 24 channels of live, DISH Network television available for free and a popular interactive trivia game featuring music, fashion, entertainment and sports that tests customers knowledge and allows play between passengers — also for free.

“We are proud to provide our customers with the most innovative in-flight entertainment system of any U.S. air service and we’re especially excited about our latest features which offer the best on-board entertainment experience in the sky,” said Tim Mapes, vice president of marketing for Song. “These new amenities allow Song customers to enjoy what they love, at their leisure, and to truly personalize their in-flight entertainment experience, ensuring their time in the air is as fun and individual as they are.”

Paul Margis, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of MAS, said “We at MAS are proud to be the entertainment technology supplier of Song and to assist in delivering a superior flying experience to Song’s customers. MAS is working closely with Song as a team to introduce new technology and enhanced features which will further differentiate Song’s unique service in the marketplace.”

More information about Song’s in-flight entertainment system, including a list of television channels, can be found at http://www.flysong.com/entertainment.

About Song

Song, Delta’s award-winning, low-fare service, provides non-stop service between major cities in the Northeast and Florida leisure destinations, as well as Los Angeles, Atlanta, Las Vegas, San Juan and Nassau. Song currently operates a fleet 36 Boeing 757s, with 199 all-leather, all-coach seats, providing more than 140 daily flights daily. With the addition of 12 planes and 18 new roundtrip flights, Song plans to increase its service to 176 daily nonstop departures and add new destinations including San Francisco, Seattle and Aruba by September 2, 2005.

All Song aircraft are equipped with personal video monitors at each seat, offering a wide array of entertainment features — accessible via touch-screen technology — including: 24 channels of live, DISH Network television; movies on-demand; MP3 programming from more than 1,600 songs and video games. Song also offers a complete on-board food menu featuring healthful, organic food options and few indulgences such as Song signature cocktails.

Customers can use credit card or cash to make purchases onboard. Song presently serves all three New York metro area airports — JFK, Newark and LaGuardia — the only low-fare service to do so. All Song flights are operated by Delta Air Lines. Song tickets can be purchased by visiting http://www.flysong.com/ or calling 1-800-FLY-SONG (1-800-359-7664).

About MAS

MAS (Matsushita Avionics Systems Corporation) is the world’s leading supplier of in-flight entertainment and communication systems. Headquartered in Bothell, Washington, MAS maintains corporate and engineering offices in Lake Forest, California; regional centers in Dallas, Singapore, London, Tokyo and Dubai; and field service, maintenance and sales facilities throughout the world. System production facilities are in Osaka, Japan. MAS is a subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation of North America (PNA). Based in Secaucus, NJ, PNA is the principal North American subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. and the hub of Panasonic’s US marketing, sales and service operations. Additional information on MAS is available at http://www.mascorp.com/. Additional information on Matsushita and Panasonic is available at http://www.panasonic.com/.

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