Air France-KLM Named Airline of the Year by the Magazine Air Transport World

PARIS and AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ — The American magazine Air Transport World has just named Air France-KLM “Airline of the Year.”

The magazine’s editor J.A. Donoghue declared in a news release published today, that this distinction honors two historic airlines — Air France and KLM — for their recent merger, which has propelled them to the position of Europe’s leading airline group. According to J.A. Donoghue, this operation will lead to the rationalization of the air transport sector, while enabling both airlines to gain substantial benefits.

As Chairman and CEO of Air France-KLM, Jean-Cyril Spinetta will be officially awarded the prize in Washington on February 22. He recently declared, “The Air France and KLM teams who made this merger possible will be proud that their efforts have been rewarded by Air Transport World, a publication which is known the world over for its accuracy and expertise. Our aim is to build one of the world leaders in air transport. We have worked hard to lay the foundations, and now we must continue our efforts to develop and breathe life into it, in our ongoing pursuit of excellence.”

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