Yang Lan Launches a New Cultural Tour Program Jointly with Dragon TV

SHANGHAI, China, Jan. 26 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ — 15 years ago, Yan Lan successfully ran ‘Zhengda’ a special TV tour program widely known throughout China. Now, she launches the 104 episode cultural program — “66 Places One Should Visit in Life” jointly with DragonTV, Eastern Airlines and East Radio, which has been broadcasted by Dragon TV from January 17, 2005.

St. Augustine, a philosopher in ancient west once said, ”The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page.” Although one cannot travel all over the world in his lifetime, he can make personalized and glamorous choices to enable every travel a heart-felt experience, a cultural exploration and historical pursuit. Just based on such understanding of life, ”the 66 places that one should visit in his life” provides an opportunity for the audience to make a heart travel.

Before this Program begins, some publishing institutes in both China and abroad have published books under similar themes. The agency responsible for the production of this Program made careful selections of 66 places across the world that one should visit in his lifetime in response to the needs of the development of the tour industry in China. From Dublin to the Great Wall in Beijing, from the fairyland in Copenhagen to the Palaces of Jordan, the audience will see the peak of the great world civilizations one after another.

The general producer of the Program Zhang Qing said that it is everyone’s dream to visit the places featured in this series. The Program is produced from the perspective of modern Chinese, reflecting the perception of Chinese and integrating the Chinese culture into those places. So the 5000 year long Chinese culture will also be promoted to the world while the world cultures are introduced to the Chinese audience.

”66 Places One Should Visit in Life” introduces in details 66 places around the world most valuable for sightseeing. It covers more than 40 countries and 5 continents. Positioned to be highly cultural and streamlined perceptually by travel and rationally by historical civilizations, the Program highlights why people should visit these 66 places with precise languages and unique generalization within the limited space and time. It showcases the precious cultural heritages and customs of different nationalities worldwide and describes the paradises on the earth that one can not miss in his life with a view to calling people to pursue spiritual merits such as natural, civilized, peaceful, intelligent, humane and etc.

”66 Places One Should Visit in Life” is produced under six themes according to categories, namely, ”historic cities”, ”spiritual homelands”, ”religious holy lands”, ”made by nature”, ”miracles created by God” and ”flourishing cities”. What is produced in different series is independent from each other and describes the world from different perspectives to show various new and interesting things to the audience. The Program focuses on details, but not concepts, and touches the hearts of audience with stories and extends the topics by setting up suspense and follows up by revealing the facts. The Program exhibits the beauty created by the wonderful landscapes and sights. It reflects the natural conditions, social customs and lifestyles of different nationalities around the world, which allows people to know more about the historical and cultural knowledge while having their sentiments edified and minds relaxed. The Program adapts to the esthetic tastes of modern audience as it is capable of enriching their cultural and spiritual life.

In addition to being aired in mainland China, the Program will also be released worldwide and broadcast for a period of two years. Meanwhile, it will be broadcast in City 792 of the East Radio.

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