Travel Across the World in Comfort

Thinking of traveling someplace special this summer? From Europe to south Africa to China and the USA, Millennium Hotels has over 91 hotels in 15 countries around the globe.

If your thinking of taking a trip to Europe this year, there are 22 Millennium Hotels and Resorts located throughout Europe, including Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, London, Manchester, and New Castle. Besides all the fabulous landmarks and buildings to see all throughout the enchanting land of Europe, the Millennium Hotels are a sight to see themselves. They are the epitome of excellence, luxury, and comfort. Many of the hotels have fitness spa facilities, conference and banqueting rooms, cinemas, casinos, and restaurants. While staying at one of these magnificent Hotels in Europe you’ll also have the freedom and the opportunity to visit museums, theme parks, art galleries, shops, and theaters.

But maybe your looking to go someplace new and different this vacation. For you adventure buffs, Millennium Hotels and Resorts has you covered. They have resorts in remote places such as the Galapagos Islands as well as in places such as the Middle East and Egypt. In Egypt Millennium Hotels has a Coral Beach Diving Hotel and is planning to open the Millennium Tiran Hotel and Resort in 2006.

The Galapagos Islands contain thousands of plants and animals, many of them are endangered and most of them are beautiful. The islands themselves are truly an honor to see, just for the sheer beauty and tranquility they offer. The Millennium Hotel is located on Santa Cruz Island and offers all of the same facilities that the other hotels do. This particular Hotel works extremely hard to preserve and protect the wildlife by being environmentally friendly in every way. The Hotel is also the only five star Hotel on the Galapagos Islands.

If you like it chilly on your vacation, you might want to take a trip to Alaska during the late fall or winter. The weather there is beautiful and there are a variety of exciting activities to partake in during your stay. Fishing, hiking, and touring the small towns and nature trails, are just a few. And while your there, why not stay at the luxurious Millennium Hotel and Resort and pamper yourself after a long day of outdoor activity.

Millennium also has Hotels and Resorts located all across North America. They are located in some of the most renowned and beautiful places in the country such as: Manhattan, Cincinnati, LA, Chicago, and St Louis.

This summer, take the perfect trip and discover the heritage and cultures of North America. First you may want to visit the island of Manhattan. You can explore this tiny island the way a New Yorker would, by taxi, subway, and on foot. You can visit the famous Central Park, sample exquisite dining on the Upper East side of the island or head uptown where you jazz lovers can visit the Apollo theater. You can even catch a ride on the Staten Island Ferry and take a cruise in the Hudson Bay and witness the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline.

This year, whether you travel to China or Chicago, your stay will be made much more comfortable at one of the Millennium Hotels. For more information about Millennium Hotels and Resorts or about any of the destinations mentioned, visit these sites:,,

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