AAA Helps Mature Drivers Find Their Perfect Fit

What: The launch of CarFit, the first program to offer older adults
the opportunity to check how their personal cars “fit” them.
Developed through collaboration among AAA, the American
Society on Aging, AARP and the American Occupational Therapy
Association, CarFit could make a lifesaving difference for
older drivers and their loved ones.

Trained professionals will lead senior drivers through a
12-point checklist with their vehicle, recommend car
adjustments and adaptations and offer community specific
resources and activities that could make their cars “fit”
better or enhance safety. An occupational therapist will also
be on hand to with information for older drivers on how to
maintain and strengthen driving health.

When: Monday May 9
9 a.m. – 12 noon

Where: Illinois Secretary of State Driver’s License Facility
326 N. Klein Street
Springfield, IL

Why: By 2030, one in five drivers will be age 65 or older, which
means there will be more than 30 million older drivers on our
roads. Because of their fragility, seniors have the highest
crash death rate per mile of everyone except teenagers.

AAA Chicago offers automotive, travel, insurance and financial services.
It is part of The Auto Club Group (ACG), the largest affiliation of AAA
clubs in the Midwest, with 4.1 million members in eight states. ACG clubs
belong to the national AAA federation, a not-for-profit organization, with
more than 45 million members in the United States and Canada.

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