Horse Ox USA Inc. Gets Ready to Welcome Afghanistan’s Ambassador….

Said Tayed Jawad to Robertson Park, Livermore, Calif. for Buzkashi/Oxgame, November 5, 2005

LIVERMORE, Calif., Nov. 1 /PRNewswire/ — The horses of Horse Ox USA Inc. are preparing for a historical Buzkashi/Oxgame in Livermore, Calif. at Robertson Park and will be welcomed by the Afghanistan Ambassador Said Tayed Jawad. The sport, derived from its Afghan roots, has all the qualities of a fun, exciting sport. It is rough, thrilling, and, best of all, enjoyable to watch, and it is a blending of American and Afghan cultures together.

“We are proud to bring this event to the United States; it has been a dream of mine to introduce what I love most of my country to America,” says founder Sonny Amin. “Our corporation looks forward to bringing the Buzkashi/Oxgame to Washington, DC for President Bush and Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai to view and to cities across America for cowboys/athletes to experience and enjoy playing. Our American soldiers are already playing the game in Afghanistan.”

The game is simple: Two teams on horseback furiously try to grab a 50- pound burlap sack called an ox. The opposing team does whatever it takes to stop the other team from scoring. To score, the oxboy (rider) drops the ox into a circle on the opposite side of the field.

The event will offer many exquisite restaurant vendors for tantalizing the taste buds, with diverse menus for your enjoyment. Ehsan Aman will perform and delight all the spectators with his wonderful voice. There will also be an Afghan National Fashion Show with music by Aziz Herawi.

You may purchase your tickets through Ticketweb (1/866-468-3399); they still have a few of them for sale and you can WILL CALL them at the ticket booth the day of the event at Robertson Park, located at 3200 Robertson Park Road, Livermore, Calif. You may also purchase tickets at the ticket booth located at the entrance to the park at 8 a.m. if they are not sold out at that time.

To meet the needs of the international customer base at the Buzkashi/Oxgame in Livermore, bilingual Horse Ox USA managers and crew will work at the venues to assist customers.

“No matter what your nationality is and if you enjoy extreme sports, this may well be your next favorite pastime,” said Diana Nelson, General Manager, Horse Ox USA Inc.

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