Just in Time for the Holidays, Airfarewatchdog.com Provides Immediate Access to Little-Known, Sometimes Unadvertised Airfare Bargains

NEW YORK, NY — (MARKET WIRE) — 12/20/2005 — When it comes to airline discount fares, George Hobica is more than a bargain hunter, he’s virtually a bounty hunter! That’s why the veteran travel journalist started Airfare Watchdog, a new travel Web site, newsletter and blog which is capturing the attention of travelers with timely insight on sometimes rock-bottom, unadvertised airfares.

After spending a portion of his career working with travel discount Web sites and newsletters, Hobica realized they all lacked a measure of consumer friendliness, so he developed a service of his own, which is already gaining popularity for its down-to-earth, personable style, its canine mascot, “Browser” and most of all, surprising fares which in today’s time of numerous online travel deal services, are still oftentimes unknown by the general public and sometimes as low as $0!

Airfare Watchdog has distinguished itself beyond today’s fare lists and discount services by including discount air carriers which usually don’t share their fares with third-party booking engines like Travelocity or Orbitz. As an added distinction, the site employs a team of researchers who, according to Hobica, “hand pick” discount fares and personally test them for true value and seat availability. Other airfare alert services rely on technology alone, so in the long run, their fares may not be as much of a deal. Many Watchdog fares are valid for travel up to as many as 330 days in the future.

Another unique feature of this service is that travelers do not book directly from the Web site. Though a small portion of Airfarewatchdog.com’s revenue comes from affiliate programs with booking engines, the primary goal is to find deals for the site’s visitors. As a result, if an airline’s own site has the lowest fare; Airfarewatchdog.com will direct users there.

Another popular feature on the site is the route map section, which compiles more than 80 official airline route maps, the largest collection on the Internet.

Travelers everywhere are enjoying better bargains and more useful information by turning to Airfare Watchdog. “In the past two weeks I have gotten two great deals via this site, Dallas/Ft. Worth to Ft. Lauderdale on Spirit for $52 and Oklahoma City to Acapulco for $0 ($105 with taxes),” said Bill Ley of Dallas, Texas. “Keep up the good work!”

Please visit www.airfarewatchdog.com.

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