Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Travel Agents Pick Top Destinations for All-Girl Getaways

- Variety, Entertainment, Easy Access Top Traits of Female-Friendly Destinations –

RAMSEY, N.J., June 22 /PRNewswire/ — Say hello to summer, sisters, and while you’re at it pack your bags and get ready for a vacation of a lifetime — but leave the men at home! According to Liberty Travel, one of America’s largest travel agencies, all-girl getaways are one of the hottest trends in travel, as more and more female bonding trips are being booked at places far away from home with no men in tow.

“Between working women and Baby Boomers, we have seen a noticeable increase in women booking all-girl getaways to destinations that offer a wide variety of accommodations, relatively easy access, and female-friendly activities such as winery tours, spas, shopping and adventure,” said Cathy A. Pelaez, chief operational officer of Liberty Travel.

Top picks for an all-girl getaway include something for everyone in the group, and most women prefer places that offer convenience, luxury, adventure and the opportunity to strengthen friendships while experiencing something new. According to Liberty Travel agents, these are the five best destinations for an all-girl getaway:

PICK #1: Caribbean – St. Barts, Bahamas and Jamaica top agents’ picks
of best Caribbean locations for just the girls, as each island
offers a mix of tropical relaxation infused with unique
Caribbean cultures and cuisines. Add to that great weather,
magnificent beaches, and plenty of outdoor activities, and you
have a recipe for year-round fun. Whether it’s the upscale
feel of St. Barts, the comfort and convenience of the Bahamas,
or the all-inclusive abundance and spa selection in Jamaica, the
Caribbean has something for every preference.

PICK #2: Mexico – Mexico’s Riviera Maya and Cancun are ideal for female
travelers of all ages as both areas offer a variety of
nightlife, spas, and culinary festivals. With numerous
accommodations available and many all-inclusive resorts, guests
can sunbathe, shop or spa by day, and hit one of the many bars
and clubs by night. Riviera Maya offers the perfect combination
of relaxation and sport with a mix of romantic isolation and
tranquility, extreme sports and nightlife.

PICK #3: Las Vegas – With the motto “What happens in Vegas stays in
Vegas,” Las Vegas is the city of lights, luxury and life –
perfect for women who are looking for non-stop fun. Las Vegas
offers the most shows, spas, shopping, nightlife and amenities,
making it a perfect stop for high-end fun and relaxation and
wild, crazy nights!

PICK #4: Paris/London – When in Europe, do like the Europeans — and that
means showing your flair for high fashion, haute cuisine,
history and heritage. While you’re there, don’t forget to eat
at a local sidewalk cafe and take a walking tour to see the

PICK #5: Cruises – When it’s convenience and a guaranteed good time,
cruises are always a great choice as they offer endless
possibilities — from the very high-end to mid-range to the
affordable — with itineraries that span the globe. For a group
of gals, the right cruise can be an unforgettable party on the
high seas.

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