Experience the Alleghenies

People are getting out more – and they’re boosting the economy while they’re at it!

According to recently-released information from the Outdoor Industry Foundation(OIF), three out of every four Americans (225 million people) participate in active outdoor recreation each year. The study also pointed out that Americans who participate in outdoor recreation have a major effect on the nation’s economy (in excess of $730 billion annually) from spending to creating jobs to becoming involved within their local community.¹

According to OIF, the top three recreation activities in America are wildlife viewing (with 66 million participants), bicycling (60 million), and trail use (56 million)—including hiking, backpacking… etc. The Alleghenies (www.TheAlleghenies.com) tourism region of Southcentral Pennsylvania offers these primary activities as well as fishing and boating (motorized, sailing, kayaking and canoeing).

In preparation for the 2007 travel season, The Alleghenies is embarking on a campaign to promote multi-sport Alleghenies Adventures itineraries.

The Alleghenies Adventures will focus on the current outdoor recreation offering available in The Alleghenies: on- and off- road cycling, hiking, fishing, power boating, sailing, kayaking/canoeing, birding/nature viewing, and hiking (coming online Q2 2007).

Alleghenies Adventures will consist of 3-4 day visits with minimal day-to-day driving. The Alleghenies Adventures maps will include:

Outdoor recreation activities

Daily driving distances

History/heritage sites

Unique lodging

Local tastes

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