France Has Beer?

Alsace Lorraine Region Boasts Rich Beer History

GREENVILLE, S.C., Feb. 17 /PRNewswire/ — While Europe’s finest beers are often associated with the fields of southern Germany, a few connoisseurs have discovered that a remarkable collection of beers has flowed freely for hundreds of years in the Alsace Lorraine region of northeastern France. With a little planning and a thirst for beer-related knowledge, travelers can get their fill with Michelin’s two-day “beer tour” of France’s easternmost region.

On day one, make your way east to Strasbourg, situated across the Rhine River from Germany. This important port city — a one-hour flight or four-hour train ride from Paris — is host to the Kronenbourg brewery, a family-owned brewery established in 1664. After a brewery tour highlighting the beer maker’s 350-year history, order up a “1664,” or a glass of one of Kronenbourg’s other varieties, at a Strasbourg tavern.

In the nearby suburb of Schiltigheim, you can tour the breweries of Heineken, Schutzenberger and several others. Additional breweries are located west of Strasbourg in the towns of Obernai, Saverne and Hochfelden. Because brewers make their own yeast, each brand has a distinct flavor. Many times taste-testing is offered.

On the morning of day two, take a three-hour scenic drive northwest through the beautiful French countryside to Stenay, where you can visit the Musee Europeen de la Biere (European Beer Museum). Sitting within the former supply stores of a 16th-century citadel, the museum features panels, maps and models that uncover the history and process of beer-brewing. Be sure to see the collection of beer-related artifacts, such as glasses, advertisements and newsletters.

After a two-hour drive to the south of Stenay you’ll find Saint Nicolas- de-Port, which boasts the Musee Francais de la Brasserie. Located inside a former brewery, this museum features an old tank room, a gallery dedicated to hops, and a laboratory displaying various measuring instruments. During your visit, participate in a taste-testing. Strasbourg is a 90-minute drive from Saint Nicolas-de-Port.

To add some local flavor to your trip, consider timing your visit to coincide with one of many of Alsace-Lorraine’s local festivals. While October is prime festival time throughout Alsace, celebrations take place from April to October in various cities.

For details on tours and attractions and to learn more about this exciting region, pick up a copy of the Michelin’s Alsace Lorraine Champagne or Michelin’s The Wine Regions of France, or log onto

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