Alton Towers: Ticket Touts Resort to Selling Gnomes

STAFFORDSHIRE, England, May 13/PRNewswire/ — In what must be a UK first, security staff today at Alton Towers were amazed to spot a gang of ticket touts outside Alton Towers selling garden gnomes to visitors – as a means of getting into the theme park free! The gnomes have replaced the usual batch of ill-gotten tickets because Alton Towers is currently running a ‘Gnomes Go Free’ offer(1), valid throughout May (the offer was originally initiated as a cheeky response to a recently published book ‘Bollocks to Alton Towers’).

However Mike Lorimer from Alton Towers warns: “People buying gnomes from touts should be very careful as we have laid down strict guidelines determining the type of gnome which gets in free. Every gnome will be examined by our Gnome Panel to make sure they display the right qualities, and the number admitted each day is limited – we do not want too many gnomes roaming around the park!”

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