American Airlines Introduces Same Day Confirmed Flight Change…..

Option Offers Flexibility, More Choices for Travelers

FORT WORTH, Texas, Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ — American Airlines recently started a new service that allows customers to get a confirmed seat when standing by for a flight. No longer will travelers race to the airport hoping to catch an earlier flight, only to discover they will have to stand-by for a preferred flight and hope their name is called.

Confirmed Flight Change, American’s newest service enhancement, offers customers greater assurance that they can get home or go on to the next leg of their trip, all without the uncertainty of wondering whether they’ll get on an earlier or later flight that day.

With American’s Confirmed Flight Change, travelers can confirm a seat on an alternate flight the same day, within three hours of scheduled departure time of the alternate flight. Seats will be confirmed for just $25 if space is available.

“We know that travelers’ plans frequently change, but with Confirmed Flight Change, they won’t have to anxiously wait at the airport, hoping for an open seat. Instead, they’ll know they have a confirmed seat and be on their way — and all for about the price of dinner,” said Dan Garton, American’s Executive Vice President of Marketing.

Customers may make changes by phone via American Airlines reservation specialists, at the airport ticket counter, or on self-service machines up to 30 minutes before their flight. Nearly half of passengers who responded to an American Airlines survey said that having the ability to make alternate flight arrangements at a self-service machine is essential.

American will continue to offer free standby for passengers who elect not to take advantage of the new Confirmed Flight Change option, or for flights that are booked too full to be confirmed in advance.

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