American Cruise Lines Trace a Pirate Legacy

Guilford, CT – This fall, American Cruise Lines will be venturing the treasure trails in its new themed cruise Pirates, Pearls and Patriots of the South. Aboard one of their brand new modern cruise ships, American Cruise Lines will sail the same waters that famous pirates such as Blackbeard and Luis Aury once plied.

Before the glory days of the Antebellum South, outlaws of the sea were controlling the many ports and waterways of our young country. The start of this journey begins in the beautiful harbor of Charleston, South Carolina. In March of 1718, Blackbeard, the most infamous pirate of his time, blockaded the entire harbor and held several nobles for ransom. After his demands were met Blackbeard sought cover in the region of Beaufort, South Carolina, the second stop on our cruise. It was here that his flagship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, ran aground on a sandbar and he stranded several of his own men on the sinking ship.

Daufuskie Island will be your next port of call. This island was once the home to famous pirate hunter, David “Money” Mongin, a French Huguenot. English king, George III, granted the island to him for his excellent pirate tracking and capturing skills. Along with neighboring Hilton Head Island, these islands were the supposed burial grounds for the treasure of several pirates including Captain Charles Vane.

Savannah, the next featured port of visit, is home to many of the greatest pirate legends of all time. This gracious southern city is mentioned several times in the novel, Treasure Island, and it was on a nearby isle that a chest full of the finest riches was reputedly buried. Savannah is also home to the world famous Pirate’s House for some of the finest food and pirate lore available.

Passengers will then follow the trails of these infamous rogues to the stunning St. Simons Island. Pirates of the late 17th century often ransacked many villages on the island settled by the Guale, a group of Native Americans. As a result the Guale left the island never to return.

As the cruise moves further south, Blackbeard’s legend resurfaces as we reach the unspoiled natural beauty of Jekyll Island. It is said that the pirate stashed one of his greatest treasures here leaving a copper hook embedded in an oak tree pointing to its location.

As this exploration of some of the south’s most legendary pirate lore comes to a close we stop at the pristine Amelia Island. One of Amelia Island’s most famous pirates was Luis Aury. Aury arrived in 1817 claiming to be a Mexican officer and annexed the island in the name of his supposed country. He was made to surrender to Americans three months later, but his ghost is said to still haunt the jail on Third Street. Today this building is the Amelia Island Museum of History.

While retracing the career of Blackbeard and other pirates, passengers will enjoy skillfully planned shore excursions to the charming harbors and villages that these swashbucklers of the sea once occupied. Naturalists, historians, and even local jewelers will be invited onboard to reveal a treasure chest full of historical knowledge full of American heritage.

Passengers will enjoy smooth travel through some of America’s most beautiful waterways and make new friends as they explore the riches of each port. At the end of the day complimentary cocktails are served in one of the many Lounges aboard the ship, a great time and place to share adventures with other fellow travelers. From the moment passengers step on board they will truly know what camaraderie on the high seas was all about.

Call 1-800-814-6880 today for more information on the Pirates, Pearls, and Patriots cruise, or to receive a free brochure highlighting all eight of American Cruise Lines’ fascinating itineraries.

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