As Seen On Last Night’s The Apprentice, Candidates Rewarded With a Once-In-A Lifetime Experience That’s Out of This World

This Season’s Apprentice Candidates GO FOR ZERO With Diet Rite and ZERO-G as One of the First to Experience Zero-Gravity Weightless Flight and be Astronauts for a Day

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 25 /PRNewswire/ — On last night’s episode of NBC’s The Apprentice, winners of the weekly task earned the ultimate reward thus far — the chance to be among the first to take a trip to weightlessness aboard ZERO-G, the latest experience for thrill-seekers and space-lovers that gives flyers an opportunity to be astronauts for a day. ZERO-G and Diet Rite brings this experience to the general public to feel what it is like to float, fly and soar in space.

The Apprentice candidates were among the first passengers to Go For Zero and enjoy The ZERO-G Experience(TM), the only FAA-approved service which offers the fun and exhilaration of weightless flight to the general public. Launched last summer in partnership with Diet Rite, the only soft drink with zero calories, zero caffeine, zero sodium and zero carbs sweetened with SPLENDA(R) Brand Sweetener, ZERO-G’s weightless flights are similar to the astronaut training used by NASA for more than 40 years, and how Tom Hanks floated in the film Apollo 13.

Prior to The Apprentice flight, the candidates underwent a comprehensive training and briefing program led by ZERO-G founder Dr. Peter H. Diamandis. The group was then escorted to a private airport facility where they boarded G-Force One, a Boeing 727-200 specially-modified to perform parabolic maneuvers to create weightlessness. The parabolic maneuvers, which create three different levels of weightlessness — 1/6 gravity (Lunar), 1/3 gravity (Mars), and zero gravity, are similar to the up-and-down arc movements of a roller coaster, but performed at between 24,000 to 32,000 feet altitude.

For more information about ZERO-G, Planet Earth’s First Spaceline, please visit For more information about Diet Rite, the zero calorie, zero sodium, zero caffeine and zero carb diet soft drink with Splenda(R) Brand Sweetener, with zero compromise on taste, please visit

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