Area Orientation Company Embraces New Residents

New Residents of Chicago Get Acclimated to Their Surroundings With a Personal, Hands-On Tour Conducted By Tour de Chicago

CHICAGO, April 29 /PRNewswire/ — Tour de Chicago, a privately held company, announces services offered to new residents moving to Chicago.

Tour de Chicago Services

Tour de Chicago offers two unique packages to those new to Chicago:
— Community Package: With a Tour de Chicago consultant, tour up to
five communities within the Chicagoland area to determine what
community best suits the resident’s life-style and needs. This
service enables the resident an informative approach to determine
where to purchase or rent property.

— Neighborhood Package: With a Tour de Chicago consultant, take a
round-trip tour utilizing the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)
system to better understand public transportation. The
Neighborhood Package tour continues with a driving and walking
tour of the resident’s neighborhood, highlighting areas of
interest, including city services, entertainment, shopping, and more.

“The timing of the official launch of Tour de Chicago is to better facilitate those moving to the Chicago area during one of the peak moving seasons,” said Julie Sondgerath, Founder and CEO of Tour de Chicago. “Chicago is such a beautiful community. When new residents are given the opportunity to understand the city with resources that provide the necessary knowledge and excitement of the city, the experience is more fulfilling. Our consultants provide a personal, hands-on tour with the resident to eliminate the overwhelming feeling associated with moving to a larger metropolitan area. Information is key to better understanding the city, but a personal tour will get the new resident one step closer to feeling like this is Sweet Home Chicago.”

Q & A

— Q. Who would use Tour de Chicago?
— A. Anyone new to Chicago. Whether you are a student or an
executive, we tailor the package to the client. We also work
with companies and their human resources department promoting
Tour de Chicago as an extension to the company’s existing
relocation package.

— Q. Is Tour de Chicago a relocation company?
— A. No. Tour de Chicago is the city’s first company dedicated to
Area Orientation- specifically, Chicago orientation.

— Q. How does Tour de Chicago specifically differ from a relocation
— A. Relocation companies transfer people from one city to another.
Tour de Chicago picks up typically after that transfer and
acclimates the new resident to Chicago.

— Q. Does Tour de Chicago help new residents find an apartment or
— A. Tour de Chicago would refer the client to a real estate company
or an apartment finders agency. Prior to their visit with the
agent or apartment finder, Tour de Chicago offers the Community
Package, assisting the client with finding a community that
suits them. When the resident has settled into property or an
apartment, our Neighborhood Package will support proper
acclimation to their new neighborhood and the city of Chicago.

— Q. When would someone utilize the Community Package?
— A. “If possible, prior to the resident’s final move. Another ideal
opportunity would be when the resident is living in corporate
or temporary housing,” suggests Alex Sondgerath, Co-Founder of
Tour de Chicago.

— Q. When is the Neighborhood Package best utilized?
— A. Within one week to six months of the resident moving to Chicago
is best.

— Q. How can we find out more about Tour de Chicago?
— A. Visit us at or call 773-878-0086.

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