Argentina: Discovering it From Within

Traveling to Argentina, that southern country in America fed by centuries of precolombian cultures and constant immigration waves, is the perfect opportunity to experience those passions that make Argentineans, people characterized by their rituals and fanaticisms.

(PRWEB) May 26, 2006 — There are many ways to get to know a country and its folk. You may visit it, lodge in a luxury hotel and dedicate time to going around the main interest spots in town, museums and commercial centers. But some tourists are also eager to have a direct contact with the particular experience of living those things that set the identity of a culture. This is the proposal offered by Alojargentina to those wishing to visit this place in a unique and memorable way: the experience of living the Argentine passions in person.

The company, born in the new millennium, is the major incoming tourism provider in the country offering fully furnished apartments for short-term rentals in the best areas of Buenos Aires city. Those who choose Alojargentina for their stay receive a service distinguished by its quality and warmth from the very first moment. All guests are personally welcomed and received 24/7, the 365 days of the year, and from there onwards, they receive counseling and personal attention from the company’s staff members whenever they need it. As from that moment, the opportunities to experience this land’s charms will begin to spring out.

Through its website, the company offers services that stand out from the rest since they provide the possibility of sharing typical Argentine traditions, lifestyles and passions. The plan may start with private tango lessons given by an experienced teacher that promises to transmit all the sensuality and feeling in the dance that lured the world with its incomparable eroticism. But since Argentines also enjoy sportive events, could there be a better opportunity to share with thousands of persons the passion and adrenaline of a live soccer game, in the stadium itself?

The academic activities for those coming from USA, Europe or other countries, such as the mentioned tango lessons, can be extended with Spanish language classes, either individual or group courses. Thus, language will not be a barrier for understanding a little bit more about the Argentine’s thoughts and feel. The alternatives in the city continue with attractive tours that enable to discover the place where European style and Latin American identity coexist to create cosmopolite Buenos Aires.

No one can say to have fully enjoyed Argentina but after having the possibility of visiting a ranch in the incomparable Argentinean Pampa. This zone of green plains is where the best farms are located and day trips or stays offered in traditional country houses, from typical colonial style houses to sumptuous French chateaux. Surrounded by this very traditional environment, visitors will enjoy typical gaucho chores, horseback riding, horseman skills demonstrations, pato and polo matches and of course the privilege of tasting an incomparable asado (barbecue) accompanied by the characteristic side courses within a unique atmosphere.

For those who, after getting to know these wonderful lands, realize they wish to continue enjoying for a longer time the courteousness and the privileged environment offered by this country, Alojargentina has an area specialized in real estate sales. This is an excellent investment for those wanting to stay in the country for a long period of time or regularly visit along the year. The venture was designed after specific cases of foreign customers who invested in apartment purchase through the company, trusting the counseling provided. And with peace of mind for knowing that their investment’s management was in hands of the company that guided them since the beginning.

Without doubt, after getting to know Argentina, it will be impossible for you to avoid the temptation of having a home in this country to continue exploring it and enjoying all it has to offer.

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