How to Avoid Confusion and Questionable Practices When Buying Travel Insurance

ST. PETE BEACH, Fla., March 15 /PRNewswire/ — The best way to compare travel insurance plans is to visit a comparison website. However, some comparison websites make the process very confusing and some even mislead the unwary.

Questionable Practices
Make sure you receive an immediate policy number

When you purchase on-line or over the phone ask if you will immediately receive a policy number along with a printable copy of your policy documentation.

Some websites are not automated and cannot complete your purchase. However, they make it look like they can. If you do not receive an immediate policy number then you have ordered from a site that simply holds your data until an operator manually types your order onto the insurance carriers website.

If this happens to you, cancel the policy. An agent is required by law to give you a full refund (minus a small admin fee of around $5) within 10 days of your purchase.

The practice of manually typing orders is very dubious for a number of reasons. There are many potential problems such as issues with security, typing errors and privacy. If you placed an order on a non-automated site, the insurance carrier would not know you were covered until someone arrives at the office the next day and gets around to manually typing in your policy by visiting the insurance carriers website and entering your order. What if you ordered on a weekend? Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing you are not covered and you may have already left on your vacation!

Is the agent affiliated with the insurance company?

Call an insurance carrier to check if the website and agent you are using is in-fact one of their agents. Some websites sell policies for carriers even though they are not agents.

Does the site sell you products you should not be able to buy?

Some websites lack the ability to accurately determine which products you are able to buy. Policies are available depending on a number of factors. Some websites will switch you to an alternate product after you have bought.

Confusing websites
Does a site list each plan up to ten times?

Some websites list each plan multiple times as they lack the technology to allow options to be selected by the user. Unfortunately, this makes comparing policies very confusing because you are presented with a single plan 10 times, each with only very minor changes.

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