Baggage Direct Introduces ‘Mobile Skycap’ Service for Continental Airlines Travelers at Two Major Airports

LOS ANGELES, April 6 /PRNewswire/ — Effective April 6, travelers on Continental Airlines (NYSE:CAL) will have access to a new “Mobile Skycap” service from BaggageDirect when departing or arriving at Honolulu and Maui Airports.

Continental and BaggageDirect have worked together to provide travelers at these airports with an advance baggage pick-up, check-in and delivery service that expedites business or leisure travel.

Travelers departing these airports will have the option of easily arranging advance pick-up of their baggage at their home, hotel or office. They can skip the need to take their baggage to the airport themselves, and just pick it up at their destination — either at the baggage claim carousel or a previously designated delivery location.

“This service is another example of the effort we make to provide our customers with a simple, hassle-free travel experience,” said Eric Kleiman, Director Product Marketing, with Continental Airlines. “This service brings the check-in counter to your doorstep.”

The pre-departure pick-up service is only $30 for two bags for the first traveler, and $15 for two bags for the second traveler on the same itinerary. Delivery to a point other than the baggage carousel at the destination is extra.

“BaggageDirect is a solution that simplifies the entire travel process because it eliminates a step at the airport,” said Steve Quackenbush, CEO of BaggageDirect. “Combining our service with other features like on-line check-in makes air travel easier and faster.”

The new Continental Airlines-BaggageDirect service has been approved by the Transportation Security Administration.

Here is how it works:
— A traveler books a flight on Continental and then provides their
confirmation code to BaggageDirect, providing information for pick up
and delivery.
— A BaggageDirect porter arrives at the pre-selected home, hotel or
office location to issue boarding passes and pick-up the luggage.
— The bags undergo TSA security screening at the airport, but the
traveler need not be present. Bags will be locked in a bonded,
secured facility and delivered into Continental’s baggage handling
system in connection with the passenger’s flight reservation.
— Upon arrival of the bags at the destination airport, travelers either
collect their bags from a baggage claim carousel or have BaggageDirect
claim the bags and deliver them to the home, hotel or office at the

BaggageDirect can be reached at 800-959-4424 or at

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