New Tech Goes for Baroque in Turin

TURIN, Italy, March 9 /PRNewswire/ — After being dazzled by Turin’s Olympic splendor, travelers can discover one of Italy’s most beautiful Baroque cities through their very own travelcast of the first digital audioguide in Italy.

Equipped with only an mp3 player or iPod(TM), you’ll hear all about the Majesty and Magic of Turin, an Artineraries(R) Tour produced by Art & Media Communications. It is the first in Italy to allow visitors to use their own personal audio device to tour a city, utilizing digital technology applauded by the travel industry as the next big travel trend.

By purchasing a CD of the tour, visitors can simply upload the tracks onto their mobile mp3 players, such as an iPod, or, download the Artineraries Tour directly from the Artineraries website right onto personal mobile devices. Through the magic of podcasting, visitors can follow the one hour city tour at their leisure, stopping at historic cafes, or visiting museums and churches along the way.

The tour is also available on audio CD, sold at newsstands, bookstores and museum stores throughout Turin. City specialties and restaurant information and an easy to follow map are also included in a select “insider’s guide” with the audio CD or downloaded directly from the Artineraries website.

Your illustrious tour guide of Majestic & Magical Turin is Amedeo Castellamonte, the 17th century architect who began Turin’s transformation from an old Roman city to one of the most beautiful Baroque cities in Europe, home to Italy’s first royal family, the Savoy.

As you walk along its historic streets, he will share the secrets of Turin’s past; its connection with black and white magic, the hidden passageways under the city and the many legends surrounding the town. He will also take you by the hand for an up close and personal view of the piazza where the Republic of Italy was born, and recount the stories of Italy’s first Royal Family, and their shocking Madame Royale, or Royal Ladies, while sharing anecdotes about the food and drink along the way.

The tour was developed by American Lisa Tucci, former director for Italy of an American-based audio guide company, and is the first of its kind in Italy. “It seemed appropriate to pair the latest cutting edge technology with the oldest games in the world,” said Tucci, “and who better to tell the story, well almost, than the architect who started it all.”

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