Ride the Waters of the Grand Canal and Fight Pollution in Venice


VENICE, ITALY; October 5, 2006 – Setting an unprecedented example in eco-friendly efforts, THE BAUER, Venice’s first luxury hotel and one of the most prestigious family-run properties, has purchased a revolutionary energy-efficient nautical system for its new B MARE shuttle boat. Created by Posidonia Srl and MW Lugano, leaders in Europe for their electric propulsion and solar-energy MW Line™ of boats, this electro solar powered system will allow the B MARE vaporetto (Bauer of the Sea) to operate with NO POLLUTION, NO NOISE, and NO WAVES between the BAUER’s main hotel near St. Mark’s Square and the new BAUER Palladio Hotel & Spa on Giudecca Island, just across the lagoon.

BAUER HOTEL Chair & CEO, Francesca Bortolotto Possati, is the first in Venice to make a substantial effort in providing clean-energy water transportation. Bortolotto Possati a passionale Venetian who works tirelessly to maintain her birthplace and home as a top travel destination, and to prevent Venice’s disappearance. “I feel it is my duty to help maintain and preserve the architectural integrity and atmosphere of this unique city for years to come,” says Bortolotto Possati. “My family has lived in Venice for many generations and it is my goal to keep our city preserved to every extent possible. I am proud to be the first to introduce solar electric powered travel to Venice with the launch of the B MARE on the Grand Canal.”

Bortolotto Possati dedicates this gift of environmental preservation to the BAUER’s worldwide clientele. This clean-energy initiative will be presented at a press conference and launch ceremony in Venice on October 5, 2006 at 12:00pm. The press conference will be followed by a cocktail reception on the grand terrace at the BAUER HOTEL, located in the historical center of the city, San Marco 1459 Venice, Italy.

The electro solar-powered technology of the MW Line™ of Boats and the special features designed specifically for the B MARE lend itself well to being a new water taxi for the future of Venice. Using accumulated solar energy captured through roof panels, the boat can transport 12 passengers at a maximum speed of 9 mph with no pollution, no noise and no waves. It is 28 feet long and designed with maximum safety and style.

COST & ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: It is estimated that, with this new electro solar-powered system, the B MARE will be nearly 98% more cost-efficient and 84% more energy-efficient than traditional oil/diesel fueled water buses, and will have ZERO carbon dioxide emissions.

TECHNOLOGY: The system technology is designed to control all components of the system minimizing user error with manual elements consisting of contact key and electrical cable only. The operator screen is digital and follows all standard electronic regulations. There is no need for external lubrication of components, no combustible parts, the mechanics are simple, and there is no battery maintenance aside from the need to change it once every 7 years.

COMMERCIAL IMPACT: MW Lugano debuted this innovative technology at an expo in Lake Morat, Switzerland. The results were based on 12 hours of activity for 160 days and 1 million passengers. Successful examples of the system’s usage in commercial tourism have taken place in Lake Geneva, Switzerland and two lakes in France, effectively demonstrating a new opportunity to control our environment while continuing economic enterprise at a greater cost savings.

For many years the city of Venice has fought to sustain a balance between nature (in this case, the sea) and man. The BAUER HOTELS’ B MARE sets a revolutionary precedent in travel and tourism to help prevent the damage caused by waves, noise and pollution. Bartolotto Possati’s efforts are part of a positive and forward-thinking movement toward environmental sustainability, economic savings and growth, and the reduction of dependency on imported energy.

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