Become an Explorer on a Fly-Drive Holiday

(May 26, 2011) Planning holiday travel can be stressful. Getting around in a new destination can be downright frightening to some. Why not customize your next holiday? Click here for fly drive USA information and start designing your perfect tour of any part of the United States.

Enjoy a personalized experience to selected parts of the U.S. such as New England and the Northeast, Florida, the south, or the west. Professionally planned itineraries ensure you capture all these regions have to offer.

On the week-long Southern Coast Getaway you’ll begin in popular Orlando, Florida, tour the quaint streets of St. Augustine, spend two days in the beautiful and historic Charleston, South Carolina, and spend a day in peaceful Savannah, Georgia. Drive down to the home of one of the nation’s most popular beach destinations at Daytona Beach Florida, and then back to Orlando for your departure homewards.

Two-week packages such as the Northeast Classic include visits to not only an incredible list of cities such as New York, Washington, Boston, and Philadelphia, but also include Canadian cities such as Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, and Toronto. You won’t miss out on some of America’s most scenic and visited attractions either with day trips to both Niagara Falls, and Gettysburg and Acadia National Parks.

Your fly-drive package allows you to see what you want to see, when you want to see it. Road trips are great holiday options for those traveling with children, allowing them to enjoy more of the country at a slower pace while parents retain control over schedules based on specific requirements.

Travelers will also save money by focusing on destinations and attractions they really want to see with little waste of time, effort, or money. Once your fly-drive package is reserved, you are in total control of your days – whether they span one week or two.

Look for fly-drive vacations planned by travel professionals – and leave the stress behind.

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