Great Places to Sleep With a Ghost’s Annual Round-Up of Bootiful Places and Spooky Faces

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ — Historical or hysterical, ghostly spirits enjoy B&Bs as much as living guests. As most stories tell, those lingering in the shadows are friendly, continuing to enjoy B&B hospitality., the largest online inn directory, offers its annual round up, enabling ghost-seekers to enjoy spirited gatherings and potentially close encounters with the other world, bed-and-breakfast style.

RED GARTER B&B, Williams, AZ: Owner-innkeeper, John Holst, has come to terms with Eve, his resident ghost. This 1897 Victorian B&B, once considered the rowdiest abode on Saloon Row, operated as a bar and bordello until 1940. A steep flight of steps known as the “Cowboy’s Endurance Test” led to the girls upstairs. Holst is sure that one of the women of the night never left. While most guests sleep well, some say they felt the bed shake, heard someone climbing the stairs, or felt a touch on their arms. Info: 928-635-1484,

AMERICUS GARDEN INN B&B, Americus, GA: A warm presence causes strange happenings at this pre-Civil War inn. Doors open on their own; clock radios turn themselves on and off; footsteps are heard in unoccupied rooms; and the aroma of perfume wafts through guestrooms at night. Guests have captured many “orbs” on film (invisible to the eye), and the inn is a training ground for investigators of the paranormal. Info: 888-758-4749,

THE BLUE BELLE INN, Saint Ansgar, IA: The original floor plans to the house were mistakenly taken to the dump, only to reappear in the attic. A room was mysteriously locked – but no one was inside to have locked it. Not a single key worked; finally, in desperation, the innkeeper called out: “Will whoever is in there, please open the door,” whereupon the door popped open. Info: 641-713-3113,

CAPTAIN LINDSEY HOUSE, Rockland, ME: Captain Lindsey is still hanging around, along with 35 other spirits, according to visiting “spiritologists.” Included in the band of happy ghosts is T. B. Severence, who purchased the inn in 1857, a dominant spirit named Ensign, and children named Jeffrey and Emmy, both waiting for their father to fetch them. Most spiritual activity takes place in the parlor, where glasses of water slide across tables, and doors slam on their own. Info: 800-523-2145,

INN AT JACKSON, Jackson, NH: Jason, once the trusted handyman, still resides, continuing with his repairs even after his suicide. Guests have awakened to hammering, and staff have caught glances of movement and activity in rooms. Info: 800-289-8600,

1871 HOUSE, New York, NY: One guest said she awakened to find a well- dressed man wearing a bowler hat standing by her bed. She was not afraid, but requested that he leave. He slowly walked out the door, never to return. Info: 212-756-8823,

THE TOAL HOUSE B&B, Hot Springs, SD: Built in 1891 as a club for men to gamble and be entertained by the “ladies,” the current spirits delight some lucky guests with the scent of flowery perfumes or the aroma of vintage cigar smoke. Info: 605-745-4633, maintains an extensive list of great B&Bs to sleep with a ghost. For a complete list, click

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