If you are looking for the best way to travel in San Francisco…

NIGHT+DAY can tell you the categories that make San Francisco exciting, magnetic, and unforgettable — then the editors have picked the absolute 3 best places to go for each – if a category interests you.. All you have to do is look inside the guide for more!!

NIGHT+DAY GUIDES — This is the way to play in the City by the Bay!

The 99 Best of San Francisco by NIGHT+DAY GUIDES:
- Best Always Hot Restaurants
- Best Brunches
- Best Chic Asian Restaurant
- Best Club Scene
- Best Dim Sum
- Best DJ Bars
- Best Gay Bars & Clubs
- Best Historic San Francisco
- Best Late-Night Eats
- Best Latin Restaurants
- Best Live Music Venues
- Best Lounges with a View
- Best Neighborhood Bars
- Best Only-in-San Francisco Experience
- Best Power Lunch Spots
- Best Restaurants with a View
- Best Romantic Dining
- Best Scene Bars
- Best Seafood Restaurants
- Best Spas
- Best Sushi Restaurants
- Best Tiki Bars
- Best Trendy Hangouts
- Best Wine Bars
- Best Wine Lists
- Best Workouts

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Tired of ending up at restaurants too late or too early and finding a less than lively atmosphere, or ending up in a hotel room the size of a closet? Frustrated with travel guides that have you reading through pages of mixed reviews when all you want to know is which bar is the best so you can just get there and enjoy it? Answering the call from travelers everywhere who are too busy to wade through pages of information, and too discerning to be sent to any venue that isn’t an insider’s best, NIGHT+DAY (Pulse Guides; $17.95) arrives to fill the guidebook gap. Proving that the difference between a good guidebook and a great one is: NIGHT+DAY!

The NIGHT+DAY series brings sophisticated travelers an insider’s selection of the hottest places to eat, drink, dance, lounge, shop, explore and rejuvenate from South Beach to Sydney. Written with attitude by local writers, these guides are a tour-de-force of a city’s cosmopolitan landscape for the urban traveler who will come to trust NIGHT+DAY to suit their style and deliver the city’s peak experiences.

NIGHT+DAY GUIDES include great new travel features such as:
. The 99 Best – The best places to eat, drink, dance, shop, explore and rejuvenate in each city.
. The Black Book – Indispensable listing of the names and numbers of the city’s best venues.
. The Listings – Concise, opinionated, and full of insider tips for an unforgettable experience.
. The Itineraries -3-day itineraries to follow or mix-and-match for living it up in the city!

This is the travel guide of choice for cosmopolitan travelers from the Gen-Xers to the Zoomers (baby boomers with a zest for life) who want the best of the city in their pocket – at any hour of the day or night. For visitors and locals who want current, detailed, opinionated information that captures the character of the city, NIGHT+DAY GUIDES are the quintessential tool. With NIGHT+DAY, it’s the right time, the right place, because it matters!

The series kicks off with the release of NIGHT+DAY SAN FRANCISCO in March 2006. Guides to New York, Paris and Athens are slated for April. In May, guides to Amsterdam, London and Las Vegas are released, with guides to a new city released in the months thereafter.

Pulse Guides offices are based in San Francisco, California, with an editorial office in Los Angeles. Pulse Guides publishes travel and lifestyle books with a team of experienced editors and a growing network of writers around the world. More information is available at www.pulseguides.com.

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