Binion Horseshoe Casino $10,000 Notes Now Available to Public

SANTA MONICA, CA — (MARKET WIRE) — 05/13/2005 — Rare coin and precious metals dealer Goldline International, Inc. ( has announced that it has secured the largest known quantity of the $10,000 notes formerly owned by and displayed at Binion’s Horseshoe Casino. Notes start at $130,000.

History of the Binion Currency

Up until a few years ago, the Binion Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas displayed a reinforced glass case containing one hundred (100) $10,000 U.S. bills — $1,000,000 in the largest bills ever printed for general circulation.

More than one million people went to Binion’s Horseshoe throughout the years to view this display. The casino produced postcards for visitors of their pictures in front of the display. To view pictures and learn more, visit

About the Notes

These notes are considered both Federal Reserve Notes and Gold Certificates. Today’s circulating currency notes are Federal Reserve Notes. Gold Certificates, also issued on behalf of the U.S. government were backed by and redeemable in gold coin.

Fewer than 63,000 of these notes were ever printed and, according to the message on the back of the postcards produced by Binion’s Casino, fewer than 200 remained in circulation. Only one other type of $10,000 note was ever produced: a Large Sized Legal Tender Note from the 1800s. All such specimens have been redeemed; none are outstanding in private hands.

Currency Grading

The notes from this Binion Collection have been certified, protected and graded by an independent grading service. The tamper resistant holders provide security and declare the authenticity of the notes.

Grading is relatively new to the rare currency market. The two largest coin authentication services recently started grading paper money. One service selected Goldline’s Binion Horseshoe notes to be their first notes graded. Should grading affect the rare paper currency market similarly to the rare coin market, increased demand should lead to sharply higher prices in the years ahead.

About Goldline

Goldline has been in business since 1960. Its parent company, A-Mark Financial Corporation, is currently ranked the 65th largest privately held company in the U.S. according to Forbes. Goldline deals in both precious metals and rare collectible coins and currency. Goldline also handled the silver dollars owned by Ted Binion, the son of Horseshoe Casino founder Benny Binion. Goldline currently offers free Precious Metal Investor Kits to anyone who calls 1-800-827-4653.

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