Bonhomme Carnaval offers a program full of surprises for his 52nd edition

QUEBEC CITY, Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ — This year, Mr. Christie’s Quebec Winter Carnival is going to surprise carnival-goers with a stupefying 52nd edition. The world’s biggest winter carnival will combine innovation and tradition in a whole gamut of discombobulating activities January 27 to February 12, 2006.

Last year, the Winter Carnival marked a major turning point by introducing the theme of fire into its program. This year, the Carnival is keen to pursue this new path with an entirely new theme: surprise. Over the 17 days of festivities, all of the sites will be captivating carnival-goers with zany activities, funny characters, and all kinds of weird mismatches, such as a shark zone at the snow bath, maple syrup from a pole, and much more. “Craziness and excessiveness will be part of the festivities. A Palace made of ice, a canoe race on the frozen St. Lawrence, or getting children to take part in recycling-box races are just a few examples of what you’ll see and experience during our winter event”, said Jean Fournier, the Carnival president.

Fresh, amusing new features

On Friday January 27, don’t miss the Official Opening Night Show of the 52nd edition of Mr. Christie’s Quebec Winter Carnival. The year again, Bonhomme’s Ice Palace will surprise with its modern architecture and its great towers that hark back to a medieval style. Inside, amazing ice sculptures await to be discovered… come and discover how innovation and tradition can go together.

Undaunted by the contrasts of hot and cold? Try relaxing Scandinavian- style at the Village Arctic Spas (3 spas and a sauna).

Want to see some hot action? Horse-drawn skiers will take part in a skijoering competition, on Saturday February 11. The St-Hubert Derby will also innovate with a captivating championship of select drivers of single and double horse teams, on Saturday February 11 and 12.

The classics, with a special touch

Come and watch or enjoy the Snow Bath (surrounded by sharks) on Saturday February 11, the Preliminaries of the Robitussin(R) Canoe Race on February 4, the Milk Bone Canine Agility Competition on Saturday January 28, the Natrel Ice Tower, the Desjardins Snow Slides, Ice Fishing at Bonhomme’s Cabin, the SAQ Bistro with a terrace and organized fun, the Giant Table-Soccer Game, the Sleigh Rides, the KRAFT Snow Rafting, the Quebon Sugar Shack and the Outdoor Dance Parties every Friday and Saturday night starting at 8 p.m.

The Inescapables

Experience the creative magic of the festival and enjoy the International Snow Sculpture Event, “La Grande Viree” Dogsled Race presented by Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac and Entraide Assurance, on January 28, the Normandin Soapbox Derby on February 4, the 2 night parades on February 4 (Charlesbourg) and February 11 (Upper Town) and on February 5 at the Bassin Louise the Robitussin(R) Canoe Race over the icy waters of the St. Lawrence.

Always something new and unexpected

The Carnival is always attentive to visitor needs. It wishes to remain number 1 by offering something new and unexpected each year: a totally novel winter experience that still respects the look and feel of past celebrations. The Carnival intends to remain the gold standard of North American winter festivals.

For complete information about the 2006 Carnival program, call 1-866-4- carnaval or visit us at

The Carnival will surprise you! January 27 to February 12, 2006.

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