Tibet Autonomous Region Travel Bureau Shanghai Office and Shanghai Odyssey Travel….

To Establish the First Professional Online Booking System for Tours to Tibet

SHANGHAI, China, Nov. 14 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ — Tibet Autonomous Region Travel Bureau Shanghai Office and Shanghai Odyssey Travel Co., Ltd. are now proactively preparing the first professional online booking system for tours to Tibet. The system will allow domestic and foreign tourists and business travelers to book trips to Tibet online. The first-phase task of the system will be completed by the end of March 2006, which not only integrates the cutting edge information and demands with the tourism resources in Tibet, but also boldly designs products suitable for networking operations and business modes that enable enterprises to develop geometrically. The breakthrough in the service form will be well received in the travel industry, allowing for a Tibet tourism supplier to emerge in the near future. Meanwhile, Shanghai Odyssey Travel Co., Ltd. is now enthusiastically raising funds for the project and seeking for partners at home and abroad.

The creation of the railway line from Qinghai to Lhasa has been completed and will be put into trial operation in the summer of 2006. This will mean that trains are available in Tibet for the first time in many years. The availability of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway will have a huge significance on the economy, especially when looking at the development of tourism in Tibet. In addition, according to Ms. Wang Jiping, director of Shanghai Odyssey Travel Co., Ltd., flights from China to Tibet will no longer be exclusively provided by Air China from 2006 and more airlines will be involved in this line; another important factor is that Nyching Airport, which has an elevation of 3,000 meters, has been completed and a branch airline from China to Nyching will be opened in the first half of next year. The fundamental changes being made to the transportation networks will thoroughly shake off the shackles that have long been imposed due to the lack of transportation options, meaning greater economic and tourism development for Tibet. With the complete change in transportation conditions, price reductions, further improvement of the governmental tourism supporting facilities, as well as the breakthrough of factors restricting foreigners to Tibet for sightseeing, we can definitely predict that the number of tourists to Tibet will boom within two years.

About Odyssey Travel

Odyssey Travel Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in travel services to Tibet. It is incorporated based on the original business of the Tibet Autonomous Region Travel Bureau Shanghai Office. Since its founding, it has integrated all resources both from internal, and in virtue of external strength, in response to the development and changes in domestic and international tourism markets as well as in line with the features of Tibetan travel products. In the middle and late 90s it took Shanghai as its marketing centre and Tibet as its operating centre to standardize operations. As a result, an e-commerce network marketing system in Chinese, for domestic travelling, was established.

Brief Introduction to Tourism Brand ”Travel Experts Show You Around Tibet”

”Travel Experts Show You Around Tibet” (”Expert”) is a famous tourism brand developed by Odyssey Travel Co., Ltd. in light of the features of Tibet travel products and in response to the changes in tourism markets through enormous market surveys and segmentations. ”Expert” composes the company’s brand series ranging from slogan and logo to brand image, individual CIS, MI, BI and VI, etc., which embodies and reflects all services that Odyssey Travel provides, including publicity of Tibetan tours, media ads, flags (cards) for Tibet local guides, bus banners, dining halls, hotels, scenic spots, and so on.

Different from ordinary tours, Tibet tours require special services. As tourists to Tibet call for professional travel experts, the ”Expert” brand developed by Odyssey Travel provides tourists to Tibet with abundant tour information, experienced guidance and security assurance, which guides the tourists to the genuine soul of Tibet. The ”Expert” brand introduces conventional products, deep-health products and self-help products for tourists to meet their core demand and based on their individual and diversified requirements. As a professional expert for Tibetan tours, Odyssey Travel not only makes commitments to consumers on quality, service and value, but also provides serial marketing guidance to the middle and downstream agency and retail partners and formulates regulations to standardize the quality criterion of reception services and management conduct while ensuring maximum profits.

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