Visit Namibia with Brangelina


FLYING IN THE FAST LANE – The federal Transportation Security Agency announced last week that it was proceeding with the next phase of its registered traveler program. It will be in operation at as many as 20 airports by the end of the year (airports to be decided). What does this program mean for frequent fliers?

POWER TRIP – Spas are booming, robes are getting plusher, in-room amenities are increasing and sheet thread counts are on the rise. All this to fuel a trend that many travel experts have dubbed “power vacations;” short trips for those busy business travelers, filled with luxurious pampering and relaxation to help them recharge.

AMUSING VACATIONS – Amusement parks in Florida and California are revamping some of their more popular rides and even adding some new names to the game! Disney will put some new touches on their beloved Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, while Disney World’s Animal Kingdom will soon be home to Expedition Everest, which will be a high-speed train adventure through the Himalayan Mountains. A Tornado funnel ride, Pacific Spin, is coming to Knott’s Soak City— the separate admission water park adjacent to Knott’s Berry Farm. Fervent funfair-goers are definitely in for a pleasant surprise this summer season!

HOT DESTINATION ALERT! We have all heard of baby boomers, but travel boomers?!? The phenomenon that is Brangelina has sparked an increase in traffic to the transatlantic country of Namibia. This destination has become a favorite amongst consumers and this spike in tourism is guaranteed to give this south African country the attention that it deserves!

Photo Credit: Reuters

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