British-Style Scenic Charter Tours Set to Hit Las Vegas Strip

Investment Banker Banking on London Bus Company, Unveils Double-Decker Buses for Historical Tours

LAS VEGAS, May 27 /PRNewswire/ — Las Vegas is soon to be home to a new form of tourist charters, courtesy of the London Transport Corporation. Red double-decker buses are set to give riders scenic Strip charters beginning in July, announce company officials, pending TSA approval.

Bringing the United Kingdom’s principal form of mass transportation to Las Vegas is the brainchild of Rai Capel, a German investment banker who has been visiting the city since 1982. Capel was attending a trade show in 2000, and thought charters in Las Vegas could be more interesting and fun. Half a decade later, the first of five buses is ready to begin dry runs on the Strip.

“The double-decker buses are internationally recognized as being strictly a British novelty,” says Capel, President of London Transport Corporation. “Two levels of sightseeing platforms are the perfect way to take in the history and sites of Las Vegas, and offer tourists and locals alike a new perspective of the entertainment capital of the world,” he added.

The charter bus service will offer regular departures to the Las Vegas area. Live guides will provide historical stories and information about the city. The double-decker buses cost $100,000 apiece, and each of the five buses that will be offering tours of Las Vegas seat up to 80.

The London Transport Corporation (LTC) was founded in May 2004 by Raimond Capel, a former investment banker in London, and is creating a new entity among Las Vegas tourist charters. The scenic charter is awaiting approval from the TSA. For more information on LTC, visit

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