“to Carry-On or Not to Carry-On,” That is the Question

OSHKOSH, WI – August 22, 2006 – Bottled water, cosmetics, hair
gel, perfume, baby formula; the list goes on and on, and the most
asked question today by air travelers is “Can I carry it on or
not?” That is not an easy question to answer because it seems to
change by the day – depending upon who is being asked and where
the individual is traveling. As a result of the recent event in the UK, the TSA

(Transportation Security Administration) has released more
stringent carry-on restrictions for all commercial flights -
domestic and international. These latest security measures are
necessary and for the safety of everyone in the air and on the
ground, but today’s air traveler is caught in the confusion about
just exactly what they can and cannot carry on their flights.

In an effort to comply with the latest rules and avoid any
possible issues at the airport, many air travelers are now
shipping their luggage and uncertain carry-on items to their
destination in advance of their trip. Shipping luggage ahead not
only guarantees that passengers will not be in violation of the
new restrictions, but it is convenient, safe and secure.

Niche companies such as The Luggage Club, the premier door-to-
door luggage, sports equipment and goods delivery service have
emerged to help remove the guess work for travelers. The Luggage
Club is positioned to meet the needs of this growing trend of
travelers who have decided to play it safe by shipping their
luggage in advance of their trip. Travelers’ luggage can be
picked up at their home, office or location of choice and
delivered to their travel destination, and returned again at the
end of their trip. In addition, The Luggage Club has no limits on
size, weight or number of pieces of luggage being shipped and
service is offered in 220 countries worldwide.

“As a service provider to the travel industry, it is our
responsibility to step up to the plate and help to keep passenger
traffic flowing smoothly through airports worldwide,” says Todd
Kempinger, President of The Luggage Club. He goes on to say,
“Our goal is to give our customers the convenience and peace- of-
mind of knowing their luggage will be delivered to their travel
destination on time, safely and in total compliance with today’s
newest regulations.”

The Luggage Club offers a variety of money-saving programs
including a Handicap Program for travelers with disabilities, a
Corporate Program for business travelers and a three-tiered
Travelers Club Membership Program for frequent travelers, plus
Gift Cards are available for purchase.

For more information on The Luggage Club, visit
http://www.theluggageclub.com or call 877-231-5131 (toll-free).

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