Casino Coupons Can Guarantee Winning Visits for Casino Vacationers

HOLLYWOOD, FL — (MARKET WIRE) — 03/28/2006 — Vacationers heading to casino destinations can often take advantage of coupons that will actually give them an edge over the casino says the author of America’s #1 bestselling book on casino gambling.

“Many casinos give out coupon books that contain special offers for food, drinks, shows and even gambling bets,” says Steve Bourie, author of the 2006 edition of “American Casino Guide” ($16.95, Casino Vacations Press).

“The best deals,” says Bourie, “are gambling coupons that give you a bonus on a winning bet at the table games. They won’t be for a lot of money, usually $2 for $1, $3 for $2, or $7 for $5, but because they pay you extra money on what is essentially an even-money bet, you actually have a huge mathematical edge over the casino.

“Statistically, anyone using gambling coupons will probably lose a few more bets than they win but because of the coupon bonus they’ll still end up winning money.”

To prove his point, Bourie uses coupons himself and says “in Las Vegas we won $41 in one day using coupons at 16 different casinos even though we only won 35 out of the 76 bets we made.”

Bourie’s “American Casino Guide” has been published annually since 1992 and his new 2006 edition comes with more than 180 casino coupons providing more than $1,000 in savings. Included are offers for free: rooms, buffets, shows, tours, match-play money, souvenirs and even FREE cash!

The book also gives detailed information on more than 600 casinos in 36 states, plus it has informative maps of each state showing casino locations, plus detailed maps of Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, Biloxi and Tunica.

The Guide also includes comprehensive stories on: how to play blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarat; how slot machines work and the best strategies for playing them; how video poker machines are different from slots (including an interview with a professional video poker player); and how to walk into any casino and easily find the best-paying video poker machines (including those that pay back more than 100%!). There are also strategy charts for playing blackjack, and informative stories on how to take advantage of casino promotions and slot clubs.

The 2006 edition of “American Casino Guide” is $16.95 at bookstores, participating AAA offices,,,, or by calling 800-741-1596.

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