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Monday, April 10, 2006
· Early Birds Get the Summer Deal – According to Terry Trippler, Airline Expert for, it promises to be a busy summer for air travel with passenger loads at record levels. People are booking trips early for summer – the earliest he has seen in a long time. Thus, the planes will be full – so if you miss your flight – there may not be a seat available on the next one. And, because of the heavy volume, airlines will operate flights that would normally be canceled due to long delays.

Thus, Mr. Trippler’s prediction for this summer: Fewer cancelled flights, but more long delays – i.e. if it takes 9 hours to fix the plane – when it’s fixed the flight must go on. In an effort to be prepared for delays, here are some of his tips for booking summer travel:

1. Go a Day Early: When you absolutely – positively have to be there – go a day early. To be sure you will be at that Saturday evening wedding – go on Friday. Better to be there a day early than miss the purpose of your trip.
2. Return a Day Early: Have to be to work on Monday morning? Plan on coming home on Saturday so a one day delay won’t cause you to miss work. This is a great stress reducer. If you heed his advice and return on Saturday – you’re going to love him when you wake up on Sunday morning!!
3. Travel Early in the Day: A plane that has 5 or 10 minute delays throughout the day can be quite late by evening. Early morning flights are usually the ones departing on-time. Leave early in the day if possible.
4. Travel Midweek or Saturdays: Generally, travel is a little lighter on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays – and sometimes the best fares are for those days.
5. Check the Alternate Airports: Sometimes you can save with an alternate airport, i.e. maybe Toledo is less than Detroit – just 45 miles away.

Hot Deals: Remember, is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and is giving away 20 trips. From April 1st through April 20th, will be giving away a vacation a day. Consumers can log onto to enter and win!

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