Lighter Ban Not a Problem for ReturnKey Systems Inc.

LEAGUE CITY, Texas, April 14 /PRNewswire/ — The Lighter Ban put into effect by TSA will be causing frustration if not chaos at most airports across the US. Passengers not aware of the ban or smokers who have little choice but to carry a lighter may have no hope of retaining their lighters except when ReturnKey Systems’ automated mailing kiosks (AMKs) are available. Not only can travelers mail their lighters home, they can also retain other prohibited items like knives, scissors, Leatherman tools and more.

“Our system was designed to accommodate nearly all items banned by TSA. When we were informed of the pending ‘Ban on Lighters,’ we began upgrading our software and obtaining permits to meet this new challenge. This includes not only empty lighters but full ones,” said Steve Kranyec, the founder of ReturnKey Systems Inc.

ReturnKey Systems began developing the AMK in 2002 and is now deploying the system in major international airports. The AMK incorporates touch screen technology, audio and visual prompting, and step-by-step instructions. In addition, it employs security features unlike any other system. Those featured include address verification, image capture, item identification, size and weight limitations, heavy duty vaulting, and remote system monitoring.

The ReturnKey Systems AMK has recently been deployed at Newark International, Dulles International, LaGuardia International, William P. Hobby International and Bush Intercontinental. Additional airports scheduled include Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, and McAllen-Miller International Airport. Discussions are also underway with Denver International, Orlando International, and several other major airports both domestic and international.

While offering the passenger a means to retain their items, the AMK also benefits TSA by eliminating time-consuming confrontations with agitated passengers. This frees screeners to concentrate on the task at hand, identifying potentially hazardous items before they reach the plane.

According to Kranyec, “Our automated mailing kiosk was designed to meet TSA and airport security needs today and in the future. The addition of the lighter ban is an example of new challenges faced by TSA, airports and the traveling public. The advanced technology we employ allows us to meet this challenge. Overall, the AMK benefits everyone at the airport. TSA improves screening times and eliminates confrontations, airlines and the airport authorities improve customer service, and, most importantly, the travelers get to keep their family heirlooms and valuable items.”

For more information on ReturnKey Systems’ AMK please contact ReturnKey Systems Inc., 2500 W Main Street, Suite G16, League City, TX 77573 or call 877-ReturnKey or visit

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