crobar Goes Worldwide with the Opening of crobar Buenos Aires in Argentina

Mega-club’s South American expansion marks the brand’s first move toward global nightlife domination

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ — crobar, the legendary and internationally renowned nightclub brand, goes worldwide with the September 16th, 2005 opening of the 4th club in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The South American expansion advances crobar towards “taking over the Americas,” and eventually, the global nightlife community, providing venues around the world with forward-thinking philosophies; outrageous aesthetics; mind blowing audio-visual capabilities; and the best DJs the world of electronic music has to offer.

By the close of 2005, crobar Chicago will celebrate its 14th successful year in business, crobar Miami its 6th anniversary, crobar New York its 2nd hot year, and crobar Buenos Aires becomes the first international location to join Callin Fortis and Ken Smith’s crobar brand.

crobar Buenos Aires launches in one of the hottest nightlife destinations in the world. Each crobar location has re-invented nightlife in its respective community, and Buenos Aires will not disappoint. With high end finishes, multiple VIP areas, and 2000 square meters (22,000 square feet), this property will be the pinnacle of nightlife in South America. Buenos Aires, Argentina, a city of over 16 million people has been called the most European city in South America. Great architecture, a western mentality and a sense of style are a few ways that describe this great metropolis.

The creators of crobar Buenos Aires are renowned fixtures in the landscape of South American nightlife with a well-established reputation for creating some of the most popular and successful nightlife in Argentina. Add to this mix Callin Fortis and Ken Smith, owners and creators of the crobar brand, and crobar Buenos Aires will be a shining star — a unique melding of the Americas and a great addition to the nightlife of Argentina as well as South America.

The crobar brand aesthetic and philosophy will permeate the infrastructure of the Buenos Aires club as it does all of its venues. It has already contributed innovative design ideas and creative marketing strategies. The brand has set the bar high for service, and has assisted in the set up of a tight operations system to run the back of the house.

Most importantly, crobar will introduce the best electronic music in the world to South America — a groundbreaking contribution to the international music scene. The unique “sound of crobar” is the tie that binds, and the music will be the thread that is interwoven throughout all the clubs both stateside and now internationally. Once a month, crobar Buenos Aires will feature a top international DJ. To kick this off, TIESTO, the #1 DJ in the world, premieres Friday, October 14th. He will be only the second international DJ to play in Buenos Aires, followed by another superstar in the dance music world, SVEN VATH on November 29th.

crobar Buenos Aires uses actual city structures as part of its nightlife experience. Nestled between a commercial and pedestrian rail line the club’s outer walls integrate the structural elements of both. One side’s enormous bricked archways create the VIP areas; the other side’s great steel rigging creates the back bar. Most exciting is that, like many South Americans, crobar Buenos Aires goes “topless.” At any given point throughout the night, you may find yourself on the dance floor looking up at the stars and night sky. One of the only dance clubs in the world with a retractable roof, crobar Buenos Aires will literally blow the roof off of nightlife.

Check out and click on Buenos Aires to get up to date information on this groundbreaking expansion. Please share this information freely with other members of the press. This is an unprecedented move, as crobar is the first North American nightclub to expand internationally in this way. If anyone could do it, it is the crobar brand, which has always pushed boundaries wherever it calls home. We invite your coverage and patronage at the world’s newest, most exciting nightlife experience, crobar Buenos Aires.

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