You Rub My Back, I’ll Rub Yours: How Cruise Network and Massage Therapists are Working Towards a Common Goal

(PRWEB) July 12, 2005 — Cruise Network has always been committed to giving its clients a stress-free booking experience via the Internet or the phone. Now, the successful cruise agency is turning that stress-free concept into a hands-on reality. Cruise Network clients who book a cruise valued at $2,000 or more will qualify for a free one-hour massage.

With the [Cruise Network Massage Therapy Deal], guests can now sample the same cruise ship experience they’d get on an adventurous [Alaska cruise] or one of the popular [Caribbean cruises] without traveling outside their zip code. After a client has booked a cruise, Cruise Network will contact a participating certified massage therapist in his or her home town to arrange an appointment for when the client returns.

So far, the Massage Therapy Deal has proven to be a huge success not only with clients, but massage therapists, as well.

“We have over 1,000 massage therapists from all over the country working with us,” states Jamie Chuman, Cruise Network’s Outside Sales Manager. “Some have already received more than ten clients within the last two months as a result of our partnership. They love the fact that we’re generating business and referrals for them. And it’s very easy to sign up; all they need to do is call me or visit”

Also, many massage therapists are interested in another aspect of the Cruise Network Massage Therapy Deal—that of becoming part of the 300+ outside sales agents with whom Cruise Network currently works. Massage therapists who participate in this [Massage Therapist Referral Program] have the opportunity to earn a bonus when they refer their clients to Cruise Network; they can also be trained as [home based travel agents] to sell cruises directly to their own clients.

“We feel there’s a great opportunity to expand in both our markets by referring our clients to one another. After all, we each share the same goal: pampering our clients,” says Chuman.

Those clients would undoubtedly be attracted to the cruise ship spa experience. While premium cruise lines such as [Celebrity Cruises] and [Princess Cruises] place a particular emphasis on their onboard spas, even mainstream companies such as [Carnival Cruises] focus significant attention on providing lavish spa experiences. Besides professional massage therapy, cruise ship spas offer pedicures, facials, hair treatments, and beauty products to take home.

In a day and age when many people are health conscious, the spas and fitness centers on ships provide the perfect retreat for those passengers. Sure, passengers are still able to partake in strawberry daiquiris and decadent desserts, but a cruise ship actually provides many ways to stay healthy, onboard massages being one example. Receiving a proper massage has many health benefits, including increased flexibility, less mental stress, and better blood circulation. A massage is one of those few things in life that not only feels good, but is good for you. If only the onboard restaurant’s delicious chocolate cake fell into the same category.

So whether it’s a Shiatsu massage after a cruise to the Land of the Rising Sun, or a Polarity massage after an Antarctica sailing, Cruise Network’s Massage Deal is a great way for clients to experience cruise ship life when they return to dry land. It’s also an opportunity for two unlikely partners, a cruise agency and a massage therapist, to expand their business and provide even greater service to their clients.

About Cruise Network: [Cruise Network], the fastest growing network in the cruise industry, is committed to providing detailed [cruise line reviews], helpful information about ports of call, and superior value on cruises around the world. Massage Therapists interested in partnering with Cruise Network can call 1-888-267-1232, ext 2233 or visit

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